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Katy Weaver Photography I'm a Portland wedding photographer and I'm extremely passionate about people and art. I believe that we wouldn't be who we are today without the support of our family and friends. To me, one of the BEST parts about a wedding is celebrating with the people you love most in the world. I love documenting candid, playful moments between best friends, family members, and of course, the two of you.

I also love making art - I want to create powerful, artistic imagery that's anything but boring. To me, it's not about outdoor weddings vs indoor weddings, big weddings vs small weddings, it's ALL about the people. I love documenting bold weddings in vibrant places with welcoming people who want to have one heck of a good time. Nodding your head in agreement?

Besides deciding to marry my husband, having Katy as our photographer might have been the best decision of my life! The love and warmth she exudes in person are just as intense and amazing as the love and warmth she captures. Any anxieties you may have about being photographed, or about your wedding in general, are completely eased when Katy enters the picture.

read more › Whether it's just you, me and your dog, or 300 of your closest friends, I'm game. I love getting to witness a love story and meet all the incredible people who have been a part of it along the way. I love the big show-stopping moments and the quiet, intimate ones too. I'm not afraid to hike through the mud with you to find the perfect elopement spot in a forest, or break it down on the dance floor with your aunts, uncles, and drunk friends from college. I love the energy of people and the outdoors and the way that love brings it all together.

read more › As a bride myself, I've been through this struggle. My husband and I originally planned our outdoor wedding on private property, but due to logistics the plans fell through. I found myself having to dig through pages and pages of internet articles looking for the perfect Oregon wedding venue and it was ROUGH. But we found one. We had to change our wedding date, but we made it work and we were SOOO happy with how it turned out! The crazy thing is that I've been a Portland wedding photographer for 12 years now and I STILL had a really, really tough time looking for a Portland wedding venue.

read more › Taking couples photos is SO MUCH FUN. Seriously. I absolutely love to turn my engagement sessions and couples shoots into half-day adventures to rugged, beautiful locations. Think of it as an epic day spent making memories with your love - hiking, laughing, even popping a bottle of champagne in the woods - just with a photographer there to join you! Not into nature? Let's curl up in your cozy home and take photos with your pets, your plants, and the art that feels like YOU. It's such a fun way to document who you really are together in your own space.

read more › Choosing engagement photo outfits is ROUGH. I know this because I've taken engagement photos with my fiance before and I bought about 40 different dresses online before settling on two to keep. Not an easy task. Here are some tips to help! Flatter your body type. They show off the parts you love (cool tattoos!) or hide places that make you self-conscious (like upper arms). If you have a part of your body you don't love, or it's something you always notice in photographs, don't wear clothes that exascerbate it!

read more › I've lived in Portland since I was 6 years old and I have loved getting to explore SO many beautiful places around the city! There are SO many beautiful Portland engagement photo locations! We all have places in our lives that make us feel relaxed and at peace, or places that hold special memories and meaning. Choose a place for your photos that feels like YOU. I usually tell my couples to either find a place that is special to them and their relationship, OR pick a spot you've always wanted to explore together, then make some new memories there during our shoot!

read more › I believe that individual portraits and senior photos should be a beautiful expression of who you are at this stage of your life. Whether you are 17 or 45, you are unique and your photos should be too! Gone are the days of boring, awkward studio shots, ugly backgrounds, stiff posing, and looking exactly the same as everyone else. Say hello to adventurous sessions that represent exactly who you are! Let's go to a forest! More of a city-dweller? Let's explore the urban landscape together and create some edgy shots that feel exactly like you.

read more › I've been taking senior photos in Portland since 2008 and I've amassed a huge collection of locations! There are seriously so many pretty places for you to take the best Portland senior pictures. I love both natural and urban locations, and Portland has a ton to offer! We all have places in our lives that make us feel relaxed and at peace, or places that hold special memories and meaning. Choose a place for your photos that feels like YOU. I'm always happy to suggest ideas based off what you have in mind!

read more › Flatter your body type. They show off the parts you love and hide places that make you self-conscious. If you have a part of your body you don't love, or it's something you always notice in photographs, don't wear clothes that show it off! Just don't wear the brightest version of it. If you get a richer, more jewel-toned version it will ALWAYS photograph better. Same goes with bright greens, turquoise, pinks, reds and oranges. Wear the colors you love, BUT pick slightly toned down versions. Why?

read more › I believe this is true for many of us. The people in our lives complete us. They are really, really important, and you know what? They won't be around forever. None of us will. Nothing is forever (except maybe the internet). I know it's morbid, but it's a part of life. We love people and we lose them. Weddings are a complicated mixture of love, family, friendship, connection, sprinkled with loss, hardship and pain. There are SO many layers of humanity, so many threads of interwoven stories coming together for one day or one weekend.

read more › I live in Portland, Oregon! I've lived here since I was 6 years old and I can't seem to get enough of the place! My house is in Northeast Portland but I take photos all over the metro area and the rest of the state. Travel is a HUGE priority in my life, and I'll gladly fly or drive to wherever you may be! I absolutely love to meet new people, explore new cultures, and tell the WHOLE story, not just a small part of it. Here are a few words I like to use to describe my style: vibrant, raw, real, bold, honest, moody, earthy, and eccentric.

read more › I offer individually tailored, full-day, one-on-one mentor sessions in my home in Portland, Oregon for $750. I absolutely LOVE to teach and share what I know with other photographers! A typical mentorship day starts with a late-morning coffee and brunch and getting to know one another. Then we'll head back to my home office and I'll go over my workflow, how I run my business, editing, and anything else you want to know! Seriously, nothing is off the table and I am happy to discuss anything with you that might help you!

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