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We give most of our focus to moments of connection between people. During the ceremony, we turn around to see if your family members are holding hands, if your wedding party has wrinkled chins from keeping back happy tears and if kids are falling asleep in their parent's laps. During the toasts, we're documenting the person nervously giving the toast, your sweet glances at each other, and your family's reactions as they slap their knees and double over in laughter.

We know the formal stuff is important, but we also fully believe you will cherish photos and video of yourselves and your loved ones just being in the moment and celebrating the day with you. Comprised of twenty-five percent love for travel, twenty-five percent love for camping, and fifty percent love for waking up in our bed at home. We're a wedding photography/videography duo based in San Luis Obispo, California.

We're obsessed with capturing the moments of connection between people. We know this is the visual imagery that will grow in value over the years.

read more › We're Tina and Adam, a photography/video team that luckily have the perfect last name to start a wedding company. We're Tina and Adam, a wife and husband photography/video team that luckily have the perfect last name to start a wedding company. Together, Tina and Adam were a source of calm, fun-loving energy on our wedding day. Not only are they the sweetest couple, but they are also incredibly talented, creative, and professional. Tina has a background in social sciences which feeds her love for learning about people and different cultures.

read more › We say an enthusiastic yes. Not only will it allow you to get some epic shots in locations that are harder to get to on your wedding day, but it gives you tons of practice in front of the camera. When your wedding day comes around, you'll be a seasoned pro and be way less nervous about having a camera around you. As soon as you've landed on your date and have secured your venue, it's a good idea to inquire about availability. We book out up to a year and a half out and have booked as late as the night before (although we don't recommend waiting that long).

read more › From the moment we spoke with Adam and Tina about shooting and officiating our elopement, all the messiness of wedding planning was over. They made us feel relaxed and excited for the first time in our wedding planning journey. We love documenting California elopements! Not only do we think it's a very special way to get married, but it provides a lot of creative flexibility for imagery. The Central Coast has some pretty epic locations where you could tie the knot. And here's the kicker: Adam can perform the ceremony.

read more › We believe representation matters, even in our little corner of social media/our website. We're working to show more BIPOC and LGBTQ+ couples throughout all aspects of our online presence (we know we're not there yet). We want couples to feel seen and safe with us at every step of the process. We will only submit weddings and styled shoots to publications that share the same value for representation. When we refer you to other vendors (and other photographers/filmmakers when we're not available), we are committed to only referring to those who will serve all couples wholeheartedly.

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