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Wendell Fernandes Photography Finding a Tallahassee Wedding Photographer can really take you many different directions, everyone is "professional", and they all seem to give you "documentary wedding photos in Tallahassee, FL", but let's be real, are these images really communicating realism, emotion and documental stories? You need to search for many different websites and many other online sources, but aren't they all the same style, when you really pay attention?

Wendell Fernandes is a passionate truth hunter when it comes down to finding wedding stories in Tallahassee and documenting them in the best way possible. Professional since 2009, Wendell is a Top, Award-Winning Photographer, internationally known for his unique style and way of shooting, he has dominated wedding photography service and giving families a new way of having unique moments captured.

It's a fact that you need someone that understands how to take all the beautiful photo service in Tallahassee to the next level. Wendell is a hard to find gem and willing to go the extra mile for all couples.

read more › It's more than capturing images, it's about feeling each individual moment and telling stories with realism and personality. Thank you for stopping by. I'm Dell an award-winning photojournalistic portrait and wedding photographer and traveling across the globe to capture real, spontaneous, beautiful life events that are to be shared for generations to come. I believe that a great photograph should evoke emotion, tell a story and bring unforgettable memories to life. With this in mind, I'm always for deep relationships, all-inclusive experiences that are filled with more than great looking images.

read more › It's never about what the industry is trying to tell you about the type of photos you need, but it's about giving your loved ones a chance to experience the best for generations to come and for the best Tallahassee photographer pricing you can afford. Trying to find a professional photographer might not be a hard task today, the issue becomes when you try to find someone that could be affordable for what you are looking for. If you are looking for the best Tallahassee photographer pricing packages and collections, you have to be able to look beyond their "photos".

read more › When is time to choose the right wedding photographer in Tallahassee, look beyond the photograph. Look for each moment, real emotions and real stories. This is one of the most important decisions of your life. For brides and grooms looking to get married in Tallahassee, Florida, there is an abundance of small details that need to be decided. Everything from the venue to the food can keep you up for hours. One detail that should never be overlooked is the wedding photographer. While there are many wedding photographers in Tallahassee FL, you don't want just anyone.

read more › Engagement Photos in Tallahassee, Florida is the ultimate preparation for all the amazing things that is about to happen to you! In the world of wedding photography, the so called "engagement photos" have become a good norm and a preparation for the big day. It's created to serve as an icebreaker and for both the photographer and the couple to know each other better and as a result, the couple will have a handful of photos for them to use on a save-the-date card or to hang on the walls of their home.

read more › Your Tallahassee wedding photography experience should be one that focuses not on the day of, but generations to come. Most of times, we think about our wedding as one single event that happens in one specific place at a specific date and after so many years, working with brides all over the world, I come to find out your Tallahassee, Florida wedding photography experience is so much more. It's the culmination of many different factors and the sum of all parts up until the day of the event. These parts come from everywhere and everyone involved with the couple.

read more › Tallahassee Family Photographer can absolutely change everything you ever thought was possible. Family moments are without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most unbelievable memories anyone should live and experience and nothing more memorable and impacting than a professional Tallahassee Family Photography session to register these true moments. You see, most of us hardly ever think deeply about our own families on a daily basis and if we do, it's probably because of a thing or two that just happened.

read more › I remember when Laura and Phillip came to our home and stepped into our living room area, and I just knew this was going to be a beautiful Boston Wedding Event. Their joy, their friendship was just amazing and lit up the room. We talked about everything from photos to decoration but the most important subject was about them, what they went through, their stories and what made them to be such a role model for their friends. It's not everyday, that you see a couple that is so eager to help others and that extra work means just another way of making a difference, which is what we heard from many family members and friends at the reception.

read more › What are Journey. I remember when I first met Sidney at a bridal show and talking to her and her mother I knew they were looking for something very different than what the competition was offering. Even though we were in the midst of many different vendors at that show, we had that initial connection and we kept the relationship going through the following weeks. Having both of them at our house made all the difference in the world. It was all family at that point and we talked about everything.

read more › The couple you want to hangout with for the rest of your life, yes this is what happens if you meet Rodrigo and Mayra, high school loving birds and such a pleasure to be around. We met at a local coffee shop to sync up some of the ideas, talk about the amazing event that was about to happen and the rest is history. Rodrigo and Mayra know each other for a very long time and it's been a huge pleasure to see them grow in friendship and countability towards each other. The wedding day could not be different, as the families gathered and made such an impact on everyone, it was unforgettable.

read more › Many couples underestimate the importance of this one single decision - either pick any photographer that takes beautiful images or dig deep and really think about their decision for someone that is truly involved in their story, after all how brides should choose a Boston wedding photographer is a crucial part for the planning of a beautiful wedding, and this goes for anyone. Well, think about this: No one is getting married many times over, at least this is not their initial plan. You are saying YES once and your wedding day is basically the culmination of so much planning and so much history up to that day.

read more › We never took professional pictures so we were really nervous, but he was just so full with energy, relaxed and helpful along the shoot that it was just so much fun and easy to work with him. We actually can not wait to go on a another session with him. Thank you Wendell for your passion and for an amazing day! My husband and I feel extremely lucky to have had Wendell as our wedding photographer. Not only his style is unique, but he truly is passionate about what he does and his passion shows through his amazing work.

read more › Thank you for your interest in talking to us about your beautiful day we appreciate your time and know that this awesome experience starts now. Once you hit submit on the form, we'll be in touch shortly and send you some more details. We believe in a true and real Tallahassee Wedding Photography Experience. We believe in moments that are real, full of emotion and realism. You deserve the best experience with those you love and a lots of fun with what you are most passionate about.

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