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Wedding Bands 123 At Wedding Bands Wholesale we promise to provide you with the highest standards of quality for the lowest wholesale pricing. We are constantly updating our items and designs to give our customers access to the most pristine wedding bands, diamond engagement rings and fine bridal jewelry available, both modern and traditional. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on meeting and surpassing our clients' expectations of customer service and satisfaction with each order.

With over 40 years of experience, Wedding Bands Wholesale has combined the time-honored custom of creating fine gold and platinum bridal jewelry with the innovative and easy method of buying online. You are choosing superior quality, service and design when buying with www. When it is all said and done, you will have one constant token that will remind you of the vows you have taken to one another, your wedding rings.

The wedding rings you choose will be a precious tangible work of art set to remind you of your other half, your one true love.

read more › At Wedding Bands Wholesale, you'll discover an expansive selection of spectacular diamond and fine jewelry of superior quality and design for a fraction of the cost of other online or in-store retail prices. Here are a few reasons why shopping with Wedding Bands Wholesale is both a smart and convienient choice. WeddingBandsWholesale offers a 30 day money back guarantee on non customized jewelry. We truly care about our clients happiness and would love the opportunity to prove this to you. Years of quality award winning customer service.

read more › Located in the heart of New York City's Diamond Jewelry District, Wedding Bands Wholesale's esteemed company is considered one of the premier online retailers of diamonds and fine jewelry. With over 40 years of experience, Wedding Bands Wholesale is dedicated to achieving the highest standards in customer service, quality and design, and we have become a highly distinguished company through hard work and advanced expertise. Wedding Bands Wholesale specializes in designing and creating gold and platinum wedding bands, diamond engagement rings, and diamond wedding bands from start to finish from our own on-site manufacturing facilities.

read more › No matter what you need help with, no matter where you are, you can always reach us by email, by phone and by mail. We are always available to help with your inquiries and concerns. Whether you have a product related question or exchange related issue or just want to gain knowledge about our company and our manufacturing process, we are always here to satisfy your thoughts.

read more › The time has come to ask for her hand in marriage. Now the only thing left to decide is what to put on her hand. The team at Wedding Bands Wholesale is here to help. We offer an incredible selection of Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings, Three-Stone Engagement Rings, Side Stone Rings, and even matching Diamond Bridal Sets, ensuring that we have the right style for everyone. We know what an important decision this is for you, and we are here to help every step of the way. With various gold colors and finishes, you can customize your choice of ring, making it as perfect for her, as she is for you.

read more › As our name implies, at Wedding Bands Wholesale we specialize in diamond bridal sets and wedding jewelry. It's our goal to provide our customers with high quality diamond bridal ring sets at affordable prices. Our selection of diamond bridal sets at Wedding Bands Wholesale will please and impress you. Whether you prefer a single stone on the engagement ring, or a set that is decked out in diamond chips and baguettes, you're certain to find just what you're looking for at Wedding Bands Wholesale.

read more › The wedding band is the physical and visual symbol of your marriage and your enduring commitment to one another. As this special piece of jewelry is meant to be worn for a lifetime, it is important that you choose a band that truly suits your style and personality. From Plain Wedding Bands to Diamond Eternity Bands, and everything in between, at, we have literally thousands of designs of wedding rings to choose from, ensuring that you will find the perfect wedding band that represents you and will forever remind you of the everlasting vows you have taken.

read more › You might hear that antique rings are back in style for wedding and engagement sets, but did they ever really go out of style? Antique wedding rings not only offer a unique look that you know you won't see on anyone else's finger, but they also bring an extraordinary style to the wedding set. You can search for an antique wedding ring at most jewelers as well as pawn shops, second-hand stores and may even luck into a few antique rings now and then at flea markets. At Wedding Bands Wholesale, we want to save you time spent searching.

read more › Wedding Bands Wholesale is proud to offer our clinets a wide range of styles and designs set with diamonds at factory price. Weather it be 14k, 18k, Platinum or Palladium, you are sure to find the style that suits your needs. This selection of diamond rings will be sure to catch your attention. From classic 1 diamond rings, to channel set with numerous diamonds, you can select and customize any of our diamond rings.

read more › At, we have just the right amount of classic eternity bands in 14k Gold, 18k Gold and Platinum; each with an individual uniqueness. These lovely rings vary from prong set, to channel setting, box setting to Pave setting. Depending on the requirements - for matching an engagement ring. Wear them as stackable eternity bands or simply as a standalone ring, we have just the right bands to match your needs. Customizing and eternity ring is a common variable to consider, as well.

read more › Anniversaries are important to every relationship. They mark not only the years you have spent with one another, but the time you have invested in creating a life together. The Anniversary Gift selection from encompasses a variety of gifts, allowing our customers to make the perfect choice. Whether you choose from our Diamond Anniversary Rings, Men's Diamond Rings, Bangles or Pendants, your loved one will know that this gift is from the heart. This year, give your loved one a gift that will commemorate your commitment to one another and will ensure that your spouse knows just how much the years together have meant to you.

read more › Diamond anniversary bands aren't just for anniversaries anymore. Current trends in wedding jewelry include diamond anniversary rings and eternity bands taking the place of engagement rings, according to Today1. Opting for diamond anniversary bands instead of a diamond solitaire is a bold statement that sets you apart from the traditional. It also gives you the option of stacking additional anniversary diamond bands on each year or every few years not only as a way of celebrating anniversaries, but also of changing the look of your bridal set ever so slightly over time.

read more › Jewelry requires gentle care to ensure its everlasting beauty. That is why we recommend that you take your jewelry to a local jeweler and use a professional to help clean your fine jewelry. However, there are a few care and cleaning suggestions that you can use to make certain that your jewelry keeps its sparkle and shine. After a reasonable amount of time passes while wearing your ring, dirt, makeup and other substances can build up on the surface of your jewelry. The effect takes away from its natural beauty and dulls the shine and luster of your gold.

read more › When all the photos and memories are stored away, wedding bands are the one true keepsake that will forever be a reminder of your special wedding day, the exchange of vows between you and your loved one, and your everlasting marriage. There are a few ideas to consider before purchasing a wedding band to ensure that your rings are as cherished and appreciated on your 50th anniversary, as on your wedding day. In order to determine your Jewelry style, try observing your tastes in your daily purchases and clothing choice.

read more › At, all of our products are handmade by one of our skilled designers, in our on-site manufacturing facility right here in the United States. is located in the world famous Diamond District of New York City. We have our own on-site manufacturing facility where every product we sell is made by the hands of an expert jewelry craftsman. Unlike other retailers who buy and resell their jewelry items, thus driving up prices dramatically, we manufacture every product ourselves, keeping costs down for our consumers.

read more › The final and most complex of the Four C's to explain and understand is Cut. The Cut of a diamond is often confused with the Shape or Style. Style or Shape of a diamond is completely separate from the Cut of diamond. Shape is the look or design of the diamond itself, whereas the Cut of a diamond refers to the Proportions, Symmetry and Finish of a ring. The combination of these three characteristics is referred to as the "make" of the diamond. A diamond with a "good make" is bright, fiery, symmetrical and sparkles when observed in the light.

read more › Less is more when it comes to diamond color. Not to be confused with Fancy Colored Diamonds, the color of a diamond determines the amount of fire, or flashes of colored light, reflected by a diamond. Since truly colorless diamonds are extremely rare in the world, diamonds with the faintest tints of brown or yellow tend to fall within the normal color range. Color can dramatically affect the price of a diamond, however with diamonds less than half a carat are nearly impossible to differentiate when they fall within the top five or six color ranges.

read more › Like Color, Clarity plays a large part in contributing to the overall value and look of your diamond. When determining the Clarity of a diamond, two features are considered: internal and external. The internal features of a diamond are referred to as Inclusions. Inclusions are tiny specks of diamonds or minerals crystals that are trapped inside the diamond from the time it forms. The external features of a diamond are referred to as Blemishes. Blemishes are surface irregularities like nicks or scratches on the diamond's surface.

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