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Gregore & Jennifer-Rabe Jewelry Engagement rings and wedding bands are our speciality. We do the designing and the making, using the finest gemstones, the most precious materials and modern technology. We can also work with your designs and your gemstones. Our wish is to create a truly beautiful engagement ring and wedding band that honors this incredible and happy moment in your lives.

We guarantee our work and hope to be there for you to either modernize an earlier design or to create your first piece. A custom designed ring for a client who wanted a beautiful blue sapphire instead of a diamond. I believe that jewelry should be more than just a big stone and that it should speak to something in the wearer. I make the work because I have to but it is not really mine; every piece I make needs to have an owner to finish it.

The art of jewelry is a personal, intimate experience that touches others through its expression of universal values. My goal is to create beautiful forms with rare materials to inspire wonder and joy in the viewer.

read more › Gregore and Jennifer-Rabe Jewelers have more than 30 international design awards, their customers appreciate great design for their custom engagement rings right here in Santa Barbara. We help make your dream ring a reality. Designed and made by us for you. When we work together we guide you from start to finish, through the magical phases of this memorable event. The resulting ring will remind you of this happy union for generations and we guarantee our work for just as long. We can use your stone or our stone whatever you desire to commemorate your marriage.

read more › It is always a pleasure to work one on one with a customer. It gives us a chance to fulfill the dreams of others, we see it as a great gift; the opportunity to connect with another person on a deep level and create a piece of jewelry that is going to be yours for a life time. Designing the perfect custom engagement rings or a complete bridal set of earrings, bracelet, or the perfect designed pendant. Working with your stones or ours, your designs or ours, we create beautiful designs that will make you feel wonderful and fit your individuality.

read more › Jennifer-Rabe was raised in Spain by loving parents who were excellent writers and masterful with watercolor and collage. They would write funny stories for the three children and encouraged them to be creative. Her parents were the first Bohemians surrounded by English ladies and lords, writers, painters, sculptors, and dancers. It was this elegant, creative environment that inspired her to fall in love with creating art. As a child her passions were hunting berries and collecting dragonflies and butterflies which were meticulously arranged under glass.

read more › Probably the nicest engagement ring design experience so far has been the one which we had with our friends. We like to maintain the privacy of our customers so I will not mention any names. It was a happy and big surprise when he approached us to make the ring for his beloved. We were extremely flattered that he held us with such esteem, and felt a little mischievous glee that we found out about the upcoming engagement before our mutual close friends. When we first started working together it was clear he had never done this before, mainly he did not know what kind of diamond to get.

read more › Diamonds are a favorite item to pass on for new engagement rings, pendants, or earrings. Our customer had diamonds that she had inherited from her mother. Once upon a time they had been made into two necklaces, one for herself the other for her older sister. The necklaces were a classic design of diamonds in bezels with chain in between. Our customer was very clear about what she wanted. She already owned chalcedony earrings and a ring, the only item missing by her estimation was the necklace. We really enjoy working with customers that love and wear their jewelry.

read more › Coarse (30 micron or 750 grit) and Fine (9 micron or 1800 grit) sanding strips come in packs of 100 pieces in random widths (1mm-4mm). Mini metal bending pliers in anodized aluminum and steel parts. The existing ring bending plier is a very useful tool for giving a consistent arc to a bracelet or shank that needs to be sized or made by hand. The existing version is available through jewelry tool distributors and has a 12mm center pin and is 7, 1/2 inches long. Our custom made plier you see here is a mini version of the ring bending plier.

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