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I'm dedicated to making your wedding and engagement experience the very best while providing kick ass photos and videos that make you proud to share them, and make your friends jealous. I create work that is uniquely you and reflects the pure emotion of your love story so that when look back on your photos and videos in five or ten years. You will re-live all of the same feelings you had in that moment.

I shoot weddings and engagements all over Colorado, California and around the world. I believe in making everything as simple and easy as possible, which is why I only offer one simple package and have no real limits on anything I do for you. Want to drive to the top of a mountain for your engagement? Let's do it! Simply one of the most amazing photographers I have ever met.

I have extensive experience in the modeling/acting world, and I have to say that Epoch is by FAR one of the most professional-personable-hardworking photographers I have ever met. Adam and the team were just fantastic!

read more › My last name (Hebert) is pronounced "eh bear" which is French Canadian as my father was born in Canada. I was born and raised in Colorado with a short 2 year stay in Canada as a kid and a long 10 year stay in California as a teen and young adult. I just realized that I've only lived in places that start with the letter "c" - That's not terribly important but I literally just noticed it. I officially launched Epoch Moment Photography in 2015 as a full time wedding and engagement photographer. I had no plan and no idea how I was going to make it all work.

read more › The wedding day is full of micro moments that make for great photos. There's so many emotions that fill the day and so many important moments that need to be captured. Whether it be getting ready with your best friends, a first look for your partner or parents, walking down the aisle at the ceremony, or sneaking away for a kiss at sunset every second of a wedding day holds a special value and carries a ton of emotion in a single image. You only get to keep two things from your wedding. Your spouse and your wedding photos.

read more › An engagement shoot is an important part of the wedding package. It gives us a chance to work together, see what poses and photos you look best in, and it helps get you comfortable in front of the camera. This way on your wedding day you know what to do, you know what poses you like, and you are both far more relaxed and comfortable on your wedding day when the camera is around. It also gives you a ton of photos to share and use for save the dates, social media, or a slide show to play in the background of your reception.

read more › As part of the Epoch Wedding Package we offer a free highlight video of the wedding day at no cost to our couples with the exception of a third plate at the reception. We film short clips while we also photograph the wedding as well as hire a third person to assist and film for the entire wedding day and put together a highlight wedding video with the footage. At first this started out as an experiment to learn the ins and outs of video and video editing, but after doing it for more than a year we found that we really enjoyed film as much as photography.

read more › When I first started researching wedding packages and pricing I flipped through hundreds of different photographers websites. What I found was that most packages seemed confusing, limiting or just plain weird. So, when setting up my own company, I decided to keep things as simple and easy as possible to eliminate unnecessary stress for my couples. No complicated time-frame limitations, no real location limits, no inflated print and product prices, and no added or hidden fees and charges for the things you need or want.

read more › First things first. You're probably thinking, "What's the catch with offering free engagement photos in Colorado to everyone engaged?" Well, nothing actually, this is not a gimmick or a misleading offer in any way. There's no up-sell for prints or additional photos and it's not free based on you signing a contract for a wedding package or anything else from me. This is simply my normal full engagement session and delivered engagement package absolutely free for anyone engaged in Colorado. No strings attached whatsoever, you'll pay nothing and you're not signing up for anything.

read more › A period of time in a person's life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics, that forever changes the rest of their life. Please consider leaving me a 5-star review on Facebook or Google. Reviews help spread the word about me and helps to grow my business. So every review helps a ton! Plus it makes me feel good and makes you even cooler than you already are. Thank you so much, you're the best. I appreciate your review. The Tip Jar is protected with the security and integrity of Stripe and all information is encrypted, PCI Compliant Level 1, and SSL Protected.

read more › A period of time in a person's life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics. We met at a bar in Durango, Colorado called the Wild Horse. Every year, Durango has a winter festival called Snowdown. Oscar asked for my phone number that night and we ended up going out together each night for the remainder of the festival. We knew we had a connection and ended up dating several months later. As they say, the rest is history. Oscar proposed to me at Ice Lakes in Silverton, Colorado.

read more › A period of time in a person's life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics. Unknown to them at the time, Allie and Mitchell grew up about 25 minutes apart in St. Louis. Though they were so close, their first meeting wasn't until 2013. They met on the first day of living in the GSP residence hall at the University of Kansas. When Allie learned that Mitchell went to high school at SLUH, she had a look of pure contempt. As you can tell, those feelings made a complete 180.

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