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No doubt that San Francisco City Hall is one of the most magnificent venues to get married at. Are you planning an intimate San Francisco City Hall wedding? Do you need an experienced San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer capable of taking unique and meaningful photos, who knows the City Hall in and out and can also be your guide and assist during the process?

I have put together useful information to help your process go smoothly. Before you book your wedding photographer I would highly encourage reviewing their portfolio and at least read some of their latest reviews. You can see if the style fits with your vision. My goal is to provide high quality and at the same time affordable San Francisco City Hall wedding photography.

You are not only getting a photographer, but someone who knows San Francisco City Hall in and out. Someone who can be your guide during the process if needed. Keep in mind that San Francisco City Hall is a public place. With international tourists, large and small weddings taking place, countless photographers and other staff, SF Courthouse can get very crowded.

read more › Hi and thank you for visiting. My name is Boris Polissky. I always felt a need to creatively express myself. I started playing music when I was 9, played in bunch of bands, produced and recorded music. While doing all that I always had my camera with me. At some point by chance I came along to help my friend photograph a wedding. I then realized I enjoyed the excitement of the day, the people, the ceremony, the energy and electricity of the day. And i was hooked, so I started shooting weddings in addition to everything else I was already photographing.

read more › Color corrected high resolution jpeg images delivered to you within 4 weeks via Web Gallery and downloadable link. For everything outside City Hall - engagement shoots, receptions, weddings, events, professional headshots, etc., please contact directly for a quote. Minimum 100 color corrected hi-resolution jpeg images delivered to you within 4 weeks via Web Gallery and downloadable link. Minimum 150 color corrected hi-resolution jpeg images delivered to you within 4 weeks via Web Gallery and downloadable link.

read more › What do you want to say about yourself? Are you looking headshots for your LinkedIn profile, Facebook, website, dating portfolio or just for yourself? I have been doing wedding photography for many years and while I love it, i truly enjoy capturing people's portraits. Sometimes it's about telling a story of what they do, what they like, what is part of them. Sometimes it's a simple portrait that gets deeper, uncovering more layers beyond the smile. People are so expressive and so unique. I don't want to just take a 'staring in the camera' photo.

read more › After working in the City Hall under complex lighting conditions, time constraints and within crowded space I have gained enough experience to cover other weddings. I love spending more time with the couple and their family and friends to provide an array of images, emotions and memories. Choosing a photographer to capture your memories is a big commitment. You need to fully trust that your photographer will not miss your big moments, will not miss taking candid photos, knows how to pose to bring out the best in you and your guests.

read more › You can now schedule your video appointment with San Francisco City Hall to get your Marriage License and/or have the officiant perform a Civil Ceremony. The couple needs to be physically together and have high speed internet, with MS Teams installed on their phone of computer that has video/audio capabilities. While it's not the same as being in the City Hall, it's next best thing. And no one says you can't take photos outside of it followed by wedding ceremony at unique San Francisco locations.

read more › Over the years I've worked with many wedding planner for both SF City Hall and other venue weddings. I've worked with various vendors and have built a good relationship with the ones i really liked. In my previous life I was a project manager on large IT projects. That taught me how to best organize the processes and work with various vendors. As a wedding planner I have helped to establish and become part of My City Hall Wedding which focuses on providing one stop shop for weddings at SF City Hall.

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