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Micah G Robinson Photography I truly believe the people you choose to spend your life with are what is most important. It's the driving force behind my approach to photography, my focus is to convey the significance of your relationships. Bride & groom, friends having fun, family portraits; I'm interested in the people you care about. As the father daughter dance begins; your head slowly comes to rest on your daddy's chest and you both go back to dancing around the kitchen, your feet on his.

He wipes a tear off your cheek as a single one rolls down his own. These are the moments that will mean the most to you when you're looking through your album years from now, remembering all the fractions of a second that made up your wedding day. I'll capture these moments and won't skip a beat (can't make the same promise for your heart when you see your photos).

read more › Hi, my name is Micah G Robinson, I'm a wedding photographer based in Nashville Tennessee. Like most of us, I've been shaped greatly by some regrets in my life. Because of this, I'm intently focused on relationships and how they impact our lives. I'm in a unique position to be sensitive to your relationships and capture the real moments that mean the most to you; your mom crying while you say your vows, your groom breaking down as he reads your love note before the ceremony. Moments are fleeting; Love endures all things, it never ends.

read more › My focus as a wedding photographer is to capture your wedding day as it truly is - Unique and very much you. I'm intent on displaying the roll that your closest relationships have in your life and their significance. Capturing the candid moments // Because real life is so much more meaningful. View Abigail & Ryan's full wedding day here. Their beautiful LA California beach wedding was so intimate and their connection so moving. View Heather & Sean's beautiful country farm wedding, perfect weather and boat loads of fun!

read more › A beautiful once in a lifetime celebration of your commitment & the vow you are taking, before the people you love the most. Captured masterfully and told with the care that every great story deserves. Weddings are a microcosm of everything good in this world. Not in a Hallmark sort of bull-- way. But for real. A wedding is people, community, and love. It's a beautiful mess of everything we thought we needed mixed with everything we didn't know we had with a dash of everyone who cares thrown in for effect.

read more › There's no such thing as a common question, just ones I get asked often by very unique & awesome couples. Call, email or send-up smoke signals However you choose to contact me, I'll take it from there. We'll go over the details of your wedding. To secure your date, a signed agreement & retainer is required. This is one of the most important steps to a great photography experience. I get to learn about you and listen to what you would love to do with your photos, what's most important to you. We will walk through your home and discuss what image products might work for you where.

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