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Oahu Beach Wedding Packages If your top three wishes for your Hawaiian beach wedding are: Stress Free, Fun, and Beautiful photos then Sweet Hawaii Wedding is for you! We love small intimiate weddings. Celebrating Love, Nature and Joy is our Specialty! Imagine yourself barefoot on the beach with flower petals beneath your feet. Make your wishes come true and have a carefree barefoot beach wedding or Hawaii vow renewal ceremony with us!

Check out any of our three value-packed wedding packages and Vow renewal packages which include all items listed above. We offer the most affordable Hawaiian wedding packages on the islands. A full Hawaiian wedding package complete with a hand woven palm arch by Kahu Coco on the day of your wedding. Sweet Hawaii Wedding is one of the oldest and most respected wedding coordination experts in the Islands.

It is a family owned business originated by our Grandmother Agie on the island of Oahu in 1922. Creating beautiful weddings has become second nature to us and we wish to share our wealth of expertise with you.

read more › We offer a variety of Hawaii wedding packages with many additional services that you can add on. Whether you choose our Barefoot Beach Wedding Package, Hawaiian Sacred Wedding Package, or Hawaiian Arch Wedding Package, we will make your special day truly amazing. Make your wishes come true and let us plan your Hawaii destination wedding. Sweet Hawaii's Hawaiian Arch Package is a feast for the eyes and hearts of couples whose Hawaii beach wedding vision is over-the-top. Our package includes Hawaiian Wedding Arch, two color flower pathway, four decorated tikis, plus, eight chairs with sashes and flowers in your color theme.

read more › Sweet Hawaii Wedding is a company with generations of wedding planning experience, so you can simply relax and enjoy the beauty and & romance of the Hawaiian islands, while every aspect of your Hawaii wedding is planned and coordinated by talented and sensitive experts. Sweet Hawaii Wedding's meticulous attention to detail creates a Dream-Come-True Hawaiian Wedding for YOU! You can rest assured knowing your wedding is in the hands of professionals. We strive to bring beauty, lightness, awe, wonder and a sense of the Sacred into your Hawaiian wedding ceremony.

read more › Whether you dream of a Honolulu beach wedding on Oahu or a secluded wedding in Kauai, we offer the Best Priced Complete Hawaii Beach Wedding and Vow Renewal Package. Yes, ALL of the items below is included in this $695 package! The possibilities for your Hawaiian Wedding or Hawaiian Vow Renewal are as endless as your imagination. We believe in Stress Free weddings and Living in the Eternal Moments of Love. If your philosophy is in Harmony with ours, please consider booking one of our amazing value packed Hawaii Wedding or Vow Renewal Packages.

read more › Our Sacred Hawaiian Wedding is our most requested Wedding Package. This ceremony is filled with traditions of old Hawaii; couples feel themselves uplifted and deeply touched by this blissful experience of mystical Hawaii. Performed at sacred island locations. Immersed in Hawaii legends and myths. Decorated Tiki torches topped with firey tropical flowers, a full Tropical bouquet and a warrior Maile Lei are all part of this Sacred Hawaiian Wedding Package. With this package you receive 225 images with a variety of both posed and candid shots.

read more › A full Vow Renewal wedding package complete with a hand woven palm arch by Kahu Coco on the day of your wedding. A renewal of vows in Hawaii is romance at its best! Your intimate ceremony reaffirms the delight you still find in one another's company and is a powerful affirmation of the presence of everlasting love within your life. We at Sweet Hawaii Wedding encourage you to CELEBRATE life in every moment, and what better place than a beach in Hawaii? We are truly honored to be a part of your Hawaii vow renewal celebration and our promise to you is: to create a ceremony that is Sweet, full of LOVE and to capture the incredible essence of your splendid relationship!

read more › Are you a couple that loves nature, adventure and romance? If so, one of our Kauai wedding or Kauai vow renewal packages are a perfect way for you to Celebrate Your LOVE! There is little development on Kauai. The Garden Island is still Sweet and Pure. Your Kauai vow renewal or your Kauai wedding day will be immersed in Nature, Adventure and Romance. Sweet Hawaii Wedding has two packages on Kauai for you to choose from: our Barefoot Delight or our Sacred Hawaiian. Both are perfect romantic packages for either your vow renewal in Kauai or your Kauai wedding.

read more › Hawaii elopement offers the spontaneous couple all of the beauty and magic of a traditional wedding without the stress, expense and months of planning. Although our Oahu elopement package as well as our Kauai elopement packages welcome guests, most often our elopements in Hawaii tend to be small and intimate, allowing you and your partner to be fully present for one another, creating a beautiful, intimate celebration of your love. Treasured memories from your adventurous, romantic Hawaii elopement are captured in colorful, joyful, professional photography.

read more › Whether you choose to have your Hawaiian wedding ceremony on the island of Oahu or the island of Kauai, you can be sure that your magical day will be surrounded by natural beauty. Choose from one of the Islands below to view the variety of stunning beaches that each island has to offer for your wedding ceremony. Also known as "The Gathering Place", Oahu is famous for the iconic Waikiki beach in the state capital, Honolulu. It's also known for its nightlife, culture, and abundant tropical beaches.

read more › Romantic Oahu beach wedding locations for your Hawaii wedding day! Sweet Hawaii Wedding creates Masterpiece Weddings at the following Hawaii Wedding Locations. We manifest your Hawaiian wedding dreams, desires and wishes using these spectacular locations for your Hawaii wedding. Sweet Hawaii Wedding embodies the soft, delicate and graceful spirit of old Hawaii. When you book with Sweet Hawaii Wedding you know your Hawaiian Wedding Day will be Eloquent, Magical and above all SWEET! Our Hawaii Wedding locations stir a sense of enchantment into your Hawaii wedding ceremony creating light and holy Vibrations!

read more › A divine location for your private Oahu Beach Wedding - Picture Perfect Hawaiian Weddings. A secluded Hawaii beach wedding is for the bride and groom who cherish their privacy. Sweet Hawaii Wedding's favorite out-of-the-way beach is Waimanalo, Oahu - truly a dream location for your secluded beach wedding in Hawaii. There is no comparing the wonder-filled mood of this magical Hawaiian wedding location. This pristine beach is delightfully empty of people. The richness of an ancient ironwood forest adjoining a wide glistening white sand beach will cause you to pause in disbelief that such an exquisite location for your Hawaii beach wedding actually exists.

read more › Your Hawaii Wedding on Lanikai beach offers you a stunning Hawaiian wedding location 40 minutes out of Waikiki. This beach is ideal if you are planning a simple wedding ceremony for just the two of you. Couples love the two islands that are a part of your backdrop at Lanikai beach. Lanikai means "Heavenly Beach" in Hawaiian and you certainly do feel that a part of heaven has dropped from the sky when you visit Lanikai beach. The beach has very gentle waves and extremely soft, pure white sand. Since the beach is very narrow and has houses right next to the beach we cannot provide you with chairs or Arches at this beach.

read more › Your Hawaii Wedding on Waialae Beach offers a Hawaiian wedding location just 10 minutes out of Waikiki. Our Waialae beach weddings offer you photo opportunities with the enchanted island behind you and lovely palm trees. The beach at Waialae is shallow and rocky, yet this beach is full of scenery right out of a Hawaiian vacation magazine! You can dine at the Kahala Resorts Plumeria restaurant just before or after your bneach wedding at Waialae.

read more › As the resort district of Oahu, Honolulu is the crown jewel of the pacific and adds a truly sophisticated touch to your Hawaiian wedding day. Honolulu Beach, the most famous of all Hawaii's beaches, and once the festive celebration area for the Royalty of old Hawaii, is almost perfect in every way. Picture this for your beach Wedding: long days of endless sun, fine golden sand, every water activity imaginable, modern hotels with fantastic views, plus an abundance of restaurants and fun nightlife.

read more › Anini Beach is one of the truly wonderful North Shore Beaches of Kauai. For couples staying in Princeville, it is mere 10 minutes from the resort area. Hawaiians have always loved this beach with it's substantial reef for protection from the waves and the ancient cliffs protecting it from Makane (the wind). To visit the location, the road to the park is located at the 25.5 mile-maker on the main highway. Once down the mountain, Every turn in the road reveals delightful secret coves and lovely areas of beach sequestered away from view.

read more › We are constantly uplifted by lovely thank you notes we receive from our brides and grooms about their Hawaii Wedding day. Here is a sampling of the many notes of appreciation sent to us monthly. We hope you enjoy reading them! Sweet Hawaii Weddings was the best choice we could have chosen for our wedding service. Jacqueline and Coco were amazing. It is with great pleasure to share my husband and my experience working with Sweet Hawai'i Weddings. From the moment we talked with Jacqueline to the day we got married everything was organized, affordable, timely, and most of all beautiful.

read more › Here you will find those special touches that will make your Kauai beach wedding or your Oahu beach wedding your very own unique work of art. This is also a page to enhance your Oahu or Kauai wedding or Vow Renewal Celebration with extra enchantment! After all it is all about your wishes and dreams on your wedding day! We can arrange elegant transportation for your ceremony whether it be a wedding or a vow renewal. Your wedding day it is a special day to be pampered and have others take care of the details!

read more › We can organize many different wedding flower arrangements for your Hawaiian Wedding day!. A Hawaii beach wedding takes on a spirit of elegance and grace when flowers are used on your wedding day. A tropical Bridal Bouquet is a lovely accent for your magical day. Our Photographers use the bouquet as a prop for many of your photos. Plus, the smell and beauty that flowers bring to your Hawaii wedding is heavenly! In Hawaiian culture it is believed that flowers are the Earth's way of smiling upon its beloved children.

read more › Adding Tiki torches to your beach set up is a simple way of creating a sanctified space for your Kauai or Oahu Beach wedding ceremony. Our Hawaiian Tiki Torches decorated with gorgeous tropical flowers helps you to enter into a dimension of Charm, Grace, and the Mystery of Old Hawaii. Our island-style wedding ceremony with Tiki torch embellishment, helps to summon the spirit of Aloha, creating a ceremony full of the magic of your love. Our artistic creation of your very own flower pathway adds Color, joy and most of all the delicate mysterious laughter of these sweet tropical flowers!

read more › With Music and Entertainment We Can Help You Create the Perfect Ambience for your Wedding or Vow Renewal. Sweet Hawaii Wedding provides an extensive range of wedding music and entertainment choices with the most talented musicians and entertainers on Kauai and Oahu! Music adds a unique touch to your wedding, and it provides entertainment for your guests while they are waiting for your ceremony to begin. Your guests are further entertained after the ceremony while you are having your formal pictures taken.

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