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True Photography For over twenty one years, True Photography has been the San Diego Wedding Photographer of choice. As the #1 Yelp Photography Studio in San Diego, we are proud to be the go-to photography company for amazing wedding couples and clients. With our commitment to quality, creativity, and technical precision, we are confident that you will love your experience with us.

Our wedding photographers are widely known for innovative, stylish, and timeless imagery. We hand-select each photographer in our studio based on training, background, and specific expertise. Every wedding photographer also has advanced creativity and technical knowledge. In addition, they are highly personable and charismatic. Thanks to our incredible team, we are able to specialize in everything related to wedding photography.

This includes San Diego engagement sessions, and of course the wedding day itself. Also, we provide proposal photo shoots, boudoir photography, and much more. When you book our company for your wedding photography, you have a full creative team of specialists working for you.

read more › My name is Aaron Feldman and I am the CEO / Founder of True Photography. I started True Photography 20 years ago, after graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography. At first, I began photographing alone. I would shoot events, do the marketing to bring in more business, retouch the images, process the accounting, and build albums. Although my clients were happy, I found that I was spread too thin to accomplish everything effectively and at the highest quality. I would start a retouch project and then leave immediately to photograph another event, then come home and have an album to complete.

read more › Will I know my photographer? Definitely. Yes! It is important to not only love your photographer's images but also to feel comfortable and have a great connection with your lead photographer. This is important to us as well. You will have plenty of interaction to make sure everything feels perfect. The advantage of working with our small group of photographers that we represent is that you are never stuck. If your photographer, for example, gets sick, twists an ankle the day before your wedding, or anything else that can happen in life, we always have a photographer of equal caliber ready to go.

read more › Color treatments used to be a large part of the artistry of a photographer. We originally created our own Pop look here at True. However, times have evolved and there are so many color presets/filters available. Many looks and feels can now be created much easier. What we feel really separates a photographer's talent is their eye, unique compositions, poses and expressions. It's the ability to anticipate moments, along with the technical ability to photograph under any condition. The reality is that, these days, everyone has a great camera and access to presets.

read more › True Photography is San Diego's most popular and trusted photography studio. For over 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to creative and unique San Diego wedding photography. We have remained true to our craft while evolving over time. This ensures that your wedding photography is free of gimmicks. At the same time, we capture and produce your photos using very modern professional cameras, equipment and techniques. Several years ago, a client remarked that our images are "timeless with an edge."

read more › All of our engagement shoot pricing is available online. This makes it easy to determine the options for your engagement shoot. You may already have an engagement photo shoot has been accounted for in your photography budget. Or you may be seeing our engagement photography for the first time. In this case, you may realize that you would love to have an engagement session. In most instances, we are able to make an engagement photo shoot work within budget, with different creative solutions. Some of the factors that affect the shoot pricing are length of shoot time, day of the week, and whether it is on a holiday or special calendar day.

read more › Not all destination weddings are far away. For example, you may want to have a wedding that is within driving distance. Your ideal wedding location may be across the state, or at a favorite campground. Or it may be at a relative's home that is outside of town. The advantage to this type of destination wedding is that your guests won't have to drive or travel too far. Most everyone you would like to include should be able to join you at your celebration. Wedding retreats work well from a photography perspective too.

read more › I have a photographer. Do I need video also? is a common question we hear. Although photography is terrific at freezing those special moments in time, there are two key features that video captures that photography just can't - sound and movement. Our team brings state of the art equipment to ensure quality sound captures of your wedding vows, your best man and maid of honor's toasts, and everything in between. Multiple cameras record different angles, so you can have a cinematic view of what your ceremony was like from your guest's standpoint, and you are also able to relive all of those sweet dance moves later on at the reception!

read more › Our packages are completely customizable, making our services very attainable at all different budget levels. We offer many possibilities and payment options to provide you with the top-level of photography, with no corners cut. We also offer special midweek and off peak rates. Please try out the customizer below to create your perfect package. It will be best to have us walk you through the options. Please contact Aaron at 760 271 4853. We hand-select 10-15 highlight images and individually enhance and retouch them.

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