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Let's Dance With Me Explore group classes for children and adults! We offer a variety of classes in Latin & Ballroom. You may find an exciting way for yourself to make new friends, exercise, and enjoy beautiful movement on the dance floor to your favorite music! You don't need to have or come with a partner. Our dedicated instructors will make you feel comfortable on the floor!

Weddings are an exciting event in everyones lives. Thoughtful preparation is a very important thing to do. Either you are planning to accomplish a bride & groom dance, mother & son, or father & daughter dance, we can easily help you create a beautiful wedding dance which will become a memorable experience for many years to come. Offering Group Classes for 5-6 years olds!

Hip Hop Class is presenting an opportunity to develop coordination, music sense and feel, learn how to move own body to the music, interact with others in the class and have a great time! Your children will be learning basic movements projected to be executed over a few classes.

read more › Let's Dance With Me is the school, established to provide quality dance instruction in a variety of styles! Students of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join. We love sharing our passion & professional knowledge in the field, helping students to become better dancers in many ways. Our desire to make instruction fan and easy helps us to deliver amazing learning experience for our clients every day! There's more to you than anyone knows. Bring your lived experience to Let's Dance With Me and see how much more there is to do, to share, and to discover.

read more › Let's Dance With Me is the school, established to provide premium quality dance instruction and recreational services in a variety of dance styles in Naples and its Metropolitan area! Activities offered to students of all ages and backgrounds. We love sharing our passion & professional knowledge in the field, helping students to become better dancers and better individuals in many ways. Our aspiration to make instruction fan and easy helps us to deliver amazing learning experience for our students every day!

read more › What a warm, welcoming and attractive Studio! Highlight of my day when I dance with Sergey! Such a caring, concerned teacher truly interested in me becoming a better dancer. Social, competitive, wedding dance. he does it all along with his rising star teacher, Anton. So happy I found Let's Dance with Me! Looking for a fun place to dance? This is the right one for you. We have joined Let's Dance family about a year ago and the kiddos really like it! We started in a group setting and then switched to private to enjoy more of one on one time to learn Hip Hop /ages 5-11.

read more › In the class setting you may learn, grow and transform from a basic level dancer to the level of a seasoned competitor. All classes are very friendly, no partner required with lots of attention and ongoing support from our instructors! Join our super entertaining and super authentic class of Hip Hop! You will get a great exercise, burn some gained calories from the pandemic, feel your body again by moving fresh to popular radio hits! Intermediate Kids 7-11 Years Old Latin Mix on Wednesdays & Fridays | From: 5:30pm - 6:15pm.

read more › Our monthly events are designed to provide an opportunity to practice martial presented in the classes and on private lessons! Dance, meet new people and socialize in friendly environment! See, what we have coming up! Family-friendly event, designed to gather everyone and share the joy of dance with us. We welcome non-dancers and dancers of all experience levels and various gender identities to enjoy this social night, refreshments and new dance moves to beautiful Latin, Pop & Ballroom rhythms.

read more › Let's Dance With Me Studio is located in the Park Shore Plaza at 4367 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, Fl, 34103. Studio business hours are Mon - Fri - 11:00am - 8:00pm. Lessons and classes on the weekends are by appointment only. Either you're driving south or north on Tamiami trail (US 41), you should be arriving at PARK SHORE PLAZA in Naples, FL. We are located in the rear section of the shopping mall. Drive around the plaza and find us in the back of the building in the corner of SMART FLOORS and ESCARGOT 41.

read more › Whether your goal is to develop a simple routine and you want to look confident dancing it, or you have a larger goal of doing special choreography to look more impressive, we have experience with literally hundreds of wedding dances to create your special dancing debut! Preparation for the upcoming wedding is an exciting moment and could sometimes be even a bit stressful. A bit? - you may ask. Oh, well, maybe not at all, let's just say preparation could be extremely stressful, as all potential guests need to be informed, the venue should be ready and picked wisely, the DJ must be selected, the whole ceremony, the meals and entertainment programed should planned perfectly, and the list may go on and on and on.

read more › We are offering private dance lessons and group classes in the convenience of your home! If you don't wish to come to the studio and would like to stay completely private about your dance education, or you have a private party coming up and you might need a dance host, or you simply are in need of a group class for your guests; we are here to help! We are looking forward to working with the most extravagent projects and ideas! 1."I should have lots of space at home." This is not true! Your kitchen or living room would provide enough space to have a great time while learning how to dance!

read more › Thinking about taking lessons, surprise dance class, social dance, dance competition, wish to to get some basic skills under the belt or want to exercise thru dance! Congrats! We are here to help and guide you to start with the program which fits you the best! Save your valuable time and book a free consultation with one of our representatives! We will guide you and help to get started at the time and pace convenient for you!

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