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Golightly Studios We are Knoxville Wedding Photographers that are passionate about documenting your wedding day in a storytelling manner and preserving your wedding legacy through printed heirlooms. Your wedding story is something you will remember and relive, day after day, year after year. The moments and memories that create your wedding story will only happen once, and if not documented, will be forgotten quickly.

Our couples enjoy peace of mind that their wedding photography will be well taken care of.

As professional wedding photographers, we have had the opportunity to photograph at beautiful Knoxville wedding venues and the surrounding areas such as The Capitol Theatre, Cherokee Country Club, Crescent Bend, Dancing Bear Lodge, Enchanted Valley Barn, Gettysvue Country Club, Heartland Meadows, The Brookside, Knoxville Botanical Gardens, The Lily Barn, The Magnolia, The Press Room, Sampson's Hollow, The Venue at Lenoir City and more.In addition to photographers, we are also Knoxville wedding videographers.

read more › Choosing a Knoxville videographers can be difficult, unless you know EXACTLY what you need and are looking for. With many Knoxville videographers to choose from, there will also be many options in terms of quality, style and production and turnaround time. We understand that your time is valuable, and have listed some compelling reasons to choose our studio for your videography needs. Our studio offers flexible pricing to fit your needs. Maybe your event only requires 1 filmmaker instead of 2, or maybe you need multiple events covered over a period of time.

read more › We understand that choosing a Knoxville Commercial Photographer is a business decision that requires thought and comparison. Making the right choice of a commercial photographer will certainly have an impact on your companies financial results, as great, high-quality images that resonate with your consumer, translates to more purchases. The opposite end of the spectrum is low-quality images, that do not resonate with your consumer base, which will cause sales to plummet, as consumers will not buy.

read more › We are a wife & husband photography duo located in Knoxville, TN. In addition to being full time professional wedding photographers, we are also a full time couple, which means we can never decide on where to eat or who used all of the hot water. As modern day documentarians and visual storytellers, we photograph not only to tell stories, but to also preserve legacies. This is done through printed artwork. Do you really think that your children are going to "log in" to social media just to view your wedding photos?

read more › Choosing to have your portraits taken is something that our studio doesn't take for granted. We understand that the moments and memories captured through photographs truly freeze a moment in time. These photographs, when combined over time, create a legacy, your legacy. Our Knoxville photography studio offers a variety of portrait photography options for you. With all of the options below, we have plenty of experience with. If you don't see an option for the specific specialty you are looking for, chances are that we can still photograph it for you!

read more › Still content not only can capture a consumers attention, but also provides you with a chance to showcase your businesses products & services. We utilize high resolution cameras in RAW format to allow maximum flexibility when it comes to digital and printed production. We have worked with a variety of interior design companies from large to small including Standard Kitchen & Bath, Esther Golightly Interiors, Cathy Price Interior Design and more. If you are looking to showcase your designs with interior design photography, we would love to work with you.

read more › Read what some of our couples have to say about us. We enjoy being able to provide our couples with an amazing wedding experience before, during and after the wedding. These highlights are a combination of wedding reviews from our Google Business Page & WeddingWire Reviews. Roxy and Jon and I met about a year ago at a tiny TINY bridal show in Murfreesboro, TN. I knew from the moment I met them I wanted them to be my wedding photographers. The chemistry between the three of us was great. They are professional, experienced, laid back, can read their clients' wants/needs, artistic, affordable and worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY, and over all wonderful people to work with.

read more › Knoxville is a perfect location for couples getting married as there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a Knoxville wedding photographer or booking a Knoxville wedding venue. Knoxville is home to many talented wedding photographers, both professional and non-professional. This area truly has a wealth of talent, each on their own unique level and path. Some are full time, all in, business owners and some just enjoy photographing weddings on the weekend while keeping the safety net of a full-time job.

read more › We offer wedding films, elopement films, and engagement films. Wedding videography provides you with seamless storytelling that compliments wedding photography. As a Knoxville Photo + Cinema Studio, you can enjoy both of the services all under one roof. In addition to wedding photography, our studio will also be offering wedding Knoxville wedding videography to couples as of 2020. Our studio has initially only provided wedding photography services to our couples, however, we are very excited about this new service line under Golightly Studios.

read more › We have experience providing commercial headshots to a variety of companies and small business including jewelers, churches, real estate agents, interior designers and more. If you are looking for uniqueness when it comes to your headshots, we are able to offer several options for you listed below. If you are a solo entrepreneur or working with a team smaller than 6 members, we prefer to have you at our studio, as it is ideal for accommodating this number perfectly. If you have a larger team needing to be photographed, it is actually ideal for us to come to your location and set up a portable studio.

read more › As our studio photographs weddings in several states, all of our wedding collections are custom quoted based on your event. Our studio offers cinematic storytelling that perfectly compliments your wedding photography. Wedding cinema is available as an add-on to any Golightly Studios wedding photography commission and includes significant savings. We understand that choosing a photographer can be quite complicated with so many styles, price ranges, options, and add-ons.

read more › Are you getting married and wondering how do you go about choosing your wedding photographer? This article will help clarify what you want & need when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer. The best way to begin is backward engineering here. Many ladies have been dreaming about their wedding day since they were little, or if you are like me, I started getting more excited when I got engaged. No matter where you fall in those lines, you can benefit from at least one small thing here. The more prepared you are, the smoother this process will go, and the more time and money you will save.

read more › So wedding planning has started and the question of "How much should I spend on my wedding photography?" has came up. This detailed article will help answer your question and provide you with some recommendations on how to find the best wedding photographer for your budget. When it comes to how much you should spend there is plenty of information and misinformation out there, it can be very overwhelming, with all of the things to think about such as price range, style, and personality. Many wedding blogs say to allocate a certain percent or amount.

read more › Usually, the first step to wedding planning begins with choosing a date and wedding venue, but how do you know which venue to choose? There is undoubtedly a sea of options when it comes to wedding venues, here are some questions to help you narrow it down a bit. Obviously, one of the most important things when it comes to choosing the perfect Knoxville wedding venue is its style. If the wedding venue does not match your style, you are bound to be unhappy. Knoxville offers a variety of wedding venue styles that will fit your planning needs.

read more › The terms "Elopement" and "Eloping" have a fascinating and interesting history. Elopements today are more popular than ever, and many couples are opting to elope instead of having a traditional wedding. As a Knoxville elopement photographer, we find elopements allow us to be slightly more creative than a typical wedding. The first known use of the term "Elope" dates back to 1593. Other popular words that have a first known use in the year 1593 are amazing, cash, descriptive, eyeglass, flashy, foulmouthed, hypothetically, moody, respectful, wishful, and more.

read more › It is so easy to discard the idea of a winter wedding simply because it is cold. I get it, it is true that the winter blues can settle in quickly after the holiday, however, we believe that you can still look forward to your own unique Knoxville winter wedding. By planning your winter celebration to take place in the winter, you will find that it makes the winter months go by fast. Here are 8 Knoxville winter wedding ideas to help plan your celebration. When you are having a winter wedding, you can choose your preferred wedding vendors without worrying about them being booked.

read more › When it comes to choosing your Knoxville wedding videographer, you want to make the right decision. Your wedding film is something that you will have forever and cannot be redone. Below are some tips for you to consider. The most important thing when it comes to choosing a Knoxville wedding videographer, is choosing one that fits your aesthetic & film style. Wedding videography has 2 stylistic preferences you should pay attention to, the film style and the editing style. Film Style refers to the way the wedding is actually filmed.

read more › Cherokee Country Club is a perfect wedding venue that overlooks the Tennessee River. It features separate getting ready rooms for the bride and groom, with each large enough to accommodate the respective bridal parties. The reception hall is very spacious which allows for a large guest count. The golf course grounds next door allow for beautiful backdrops of the bride and groom. As a Cherokee Country Club wedding photographer, this venue is perfect for Knoxville couples. Cherokee Country Club was founded in 1907 just outside of Knoxville, TN.

read more › Tellico Village Yacht Club is a gorgeous riverside wedding venue that resides on the bank of the Little Tennesee River in Loudon, TN. This Lenoir City Wedding Venue features plenty of amenities that will help your wedding planning go smoothly. Our Knoxville wedding photography studio has captured amazing photos at this venue and we look forward to working here again. Below are several of the unique amenities that you can enjoy when you choose Tellico Village Yacht Club as your wedding venue. The bridal suite at Tellico Village Yacht Club is large and spacious.

read more › The Capitol Theatre is a stunning wedding venue located in the heart of downtown Maryville. The venue itself combines a vintage aesthetic with Hollywood glamour. As a Capitol Theatre wedding photographer, we have worked at this gorgeous venue several times and know of the best photo locations. The Capitol Theatre was built in 1934 and served as the go-to entertainment location for Maryville. It was also once, Maryville's largest theatre, seating over 1000 guests. Unfortunately, the Capitol Theatre closed down in 1970, only to be repurchased in 2002 by an artist.

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