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We are a highly-specialized, all-female, Seattle-based team of cake artists, with 20+ years of combined experience in confectionery design. Sculpted or multi-tiered thematic cakes, designed to produce gasps of amazement from your guests. These intricate projects are typically commissioned for larger events, but we can make smaller cakes if our schedule allows.

Our pre-designed range of memorable cakes for small weddings & elopements, available to order online. Limited options for customization. Pick a stylish cake from our hugely popular catalog and complete your purchase in our online store. Add a cake topper or candles, and swing by our studio to pick up your cake. We specialize in contemporary wedding cakes for design-conscious couples.

We dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to the collaborative & creative process, to produce a cake design that's as unique as you are. We are sugar flower specialists, and each week we produce dozens (sometimes hundreds!) of hand crafted sugar blooms to adorn our cakes.

read more › Follow us on Instagram and YouTube for our latest creations, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes fun. Considered by Martha Stewart to be the creators of some of America's "Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes", Honey Crumb Cake Studio is a boutique bakery based in Seattle, Washington. We are a woman-owned and women-staffed business. We are committed to elevating the standards of our industry through networking, mentoring, and leading by example. Everyone in our team is encouraged to learn and soar, working flexibly with a high degree of autonomy and creative license.

read more › Every cake and dessert we make is hand crafted from scratch, with industry-leading artistry and attention-to-detail. We are passionate about design, and we work hard to keep pushing the boundaries of our art form. Our ideal new team members are looking to expand their skills, and flourish as part of our creative team. We are seeking abundantly creative, talented, kind individuals who are top-notch communicators and team members, and who are keen to work in an artistically demanding, emotionally nurturing environment.

read more › All of our sugar flowers are made in house, one petal at a time. Each year, we spend countless hours researching flowers and developing our skills - and we love to share our knowledge via online tutorials and in-person workshops. Our goal is not to compete with nature, but to celebrate its beauty and produce breathtaking adornments for our cakes. In choosing sugar flowers for your cake, you are supporting us as artisans in our quest to keep this remarkable art form alive and thriving. Flexibility - Using sugar, we can make absolutely any type of flower, in any color, at any time of year.

read more › Yes, they're all SUGAR flowers! We make them by hand, in our studio. We also offer "kitchen" cakes (undecorated additional servings to supplement tiered cake orders) for $5.25 per serving. Our smallest "kitchen" cake serves 32, and our largest serves 108. You can always order several kitchen cakes if you want different flavors for your guests, or are planning a large reception. Minimum order is 60 servings (from tiered cake plus "kitchen" cake combined, or from tiered cake alone). All of the cakes pictured on our cakes have been styled with sugar flowers, which are not included in the pricing specified above.

read more › To make your "minimony" planning easier, we've put together a range of 6 highly sought-after cake designs. Order your favorite design as-is, or customize - using the options below - to create your dream cake. Browse our Cake Menu to see our delicious flavor options. We offer our Micro-Wedding Cakes in vegan, dairy-free, and/or gluten-free versions as well, for those with special dietary requirements. If you've chosen to add sugar flowers to your cake, please specify your preferred colors e.g.

read more › Our commercial kitchen in lower Queen Anne is fully licensed and insured, and we are proud to carry an "Excellent" Food Safety Rating from King County Public Health. We make all our cake batters, ganache, fruit curds, compotes, syrups, caramel sauce, and Swiss meringue buttercream entirely from scratch. We do this because we believe in the power of tradition, because we don't like anything too sweet, and because your celebration deserves the very best. If you'd like more info about any of our ingredients, please contact us.

read more › If you're planning an event in 2021, PLEASE check in with us first to confirm availability for your event date before ordering a Tasting Box! If your event is taking place in 2022, please reach out to us no earlier than 6-9 months before your event, so we can provide you with the most up-to-date information about our availability, services, and pricing. For the time being, we are not scheduling in-person tasting appointments in our studio. In-person consultations will resume in late 2021 / early 2022.

read more › We have a range of different options to suit most budgets, from simple single-tiered cakes, to two-tiered "cutting" cakes, to completely custom-designed edible masterpieces. If you need more specific info about pricing, please ask us! CUSTOM CAKES include our more intricate Fine Art wedding cakes, as well as themed/sculpted cakes. Please note: All single-tiered and two-tiered cakes are PICKUP ONLY. These cakes are perfectly safe & stable for self-transport. If you require additional servings in the back, for your guests, we can provide a supplemental undecorated kitchen cake, starting at $180 for 32 servings.

read more › To make the process more efficient, we invite you to take a peek at our FAQ before submitting an inquiry. We will not be able to accommodate your request, no exceptions. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate a busy season of current orders, combined with postponed orders from 2020 weddings that now need to be fulfilled in 2021. Our gluten-aware and lactose-aware products are baked separately using sanitized equipment, but we cannot guarantee that they will be free from all traces of allergens.

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