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Chrisman Studios is a boutique of four photographers and one videographer who love a good story, no matter what the occasion may be. Our team finds everyone we meet fascinating, beautiful and worthy of artwork that shows exactly who they are. We are dedicated to giving you photographs and films that celebrate your life, inspire your friends and make your parents proud.

We are proud of the awards we've won and the places we've been published because we get to share our clients' unique love stories with the world and hopefully inspire other great stories. We want you to be next! Chrisman Studios is based in Charleston, San Francisco, Santa Fe and Italy. However, we can get to any adventure you're planning.

Our weddings and portrait sessions have taken us to Iceland, Spain, Mexico, Mongolia, Bali, Jamaica, Bhutan, Italy, Canada, Thailand, Bermuda, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Greece, Turks and Caicos, England, Bora Bora, Israel, Guatemala and on an island off the coast of Maine so remote it required four different modes of transportation to get there.

read more › At a time when most wedding photography felt uninspiring and disconnected, we started photographing weddings. We wanted to show the world that wedding photos could be edgy, sexy, funny, honest and full of life. Also, that they could stand alone as works of art. We bring that same mindset to our portrait work as well. We're a collective of five award-winning artists. These including four photographers (Ben, Erin, Mauricio and Ryan) and one extraordinarily talented videographer (Vlad). Between the five of us, we speak seven languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Japanese, Cantonese, and Mandarin).

read more › From your wedding to your first child to your big promotion, we are thrilled to come along for the ride, cameras in hand, as your photographers for years to come. You can see everything we love about photography below. The only thing missing so far is you! Firstly, when you hire us to photograph your wedding, your family, or even your new headshot, you are trusting us to care. With every new person we get to turn our cameras toward, we assume we will know them the rest of our lives. Additionally, we will continue to document the moments that matter most to them as their story unfolds.

read more › Our wedding videos transport you back to every feeling, every meaningful glance and every hilarious thing your friends did on the dance floor. They tell a story and feel alive with emotion that will forever ignite your memories. That's why we work with the best wedding videographer in the world to capture your special day. Created by our Emmy-award-winning filmmaker Vlad Chaloupka, your movie will be one of a kind. Vlad is simply a genius at picking up on your personalities and energy. He also knows the unique feel and design of your wedding day while he intuitively and skillfully captures it.

read more › We work incredibly hard at every single wedding and portrait session to outdo ourselves - which is why we are so lucky to be able to call ourselves an award-winning photography studio. We are always looking to try something different and push the boundaries of what is expected from a wedding or portrait session. Also, and perhaps most importantly, our goal is to highlight and celebrate the truth and beauty in every moment and event we photograph. Sometimes, others notice and award our photographs.

read more › We are proud to be featured in a wide array of media press. From People Magazine and Martha Stewart Weddings to CNN. From a Swiss metropolitan newspaper to a tiny village paper in Lake Como, Italy. We always love seeing our clients recognized for the beautiful celebrations they put so much of their hard work and passion into creating. And yeah, OK, we'll admit.

read more › Your unique collection of wedding photos will be full of individual works of art that celebrate you as a couple and the love the feel for your family and friends. That's why we offer you high-quality albums and gorgeous photographic prints from the best companies in the business, all made to last a lifetime and. Large acrylic print, handmade in Italy. Jenny and Andy's wedding in Sacramento, California. Framed 1114 Italian fine-art print. The Tramontina Family, Italy. Prints fill your home with joy and love.

read more › The couples we work with are incredibly creative and often assemble dream teams to execute their visions. We are always honored to salute them and the wedding planners, designers, caterers, cake makers, musicians, DJs, florists and other artists who give it their all every weekend. Check out their amazing work here and imagine what is possible for your wedding!

read more › First, no matter if it's a wedding, a family session, or even a headshot you're planning for, we start with a fun conversation. We want to know who those important people are in your life, and why they are important. We want to learn what you're passionate about, and how that has helped create the person you are right now. Our goal is always to photograph you as your best possible self, and we want to help make that possible so you are reminded of it every day when you see your photographs. Mauricio and Ryan began photographing weddings as lead photographers with Chrisman Studios over a decade ago, which is why all our styles mesh so well.

read more › Want to know what it's like to work with us? Find out by reading some of our wedding photography reviews and testimonials! Our clients write us the sweetest love letters, which we are so thankful to share with you here. Before we met you I knew I wanted you to be our photographers. And after we met you, Andrew and I couldn't imagine having anyone else with us on our wedding day. Thank you for being so understanding to our wants and needs, professional, amazingly talented, and most importantly an absolute delight to work with!

read more › Take a look behind the scenes at our weddings and portrait sessions. You'll see the crazy things we do to get great photos for the clients we love. See the joy on our faces as we work our tails off. We will blend seamlessly into the mix with your closest family and friends. Don't be surprised to see Erin bounce around the dance floor with the camera up to her face. Sometimes Ben will be sprawled on the ground to get a unique angle that turns a moment into art. Don't be surprised when you want to make Mauricio an honorary bridesmaid (we hear this a lot!).

read more › Our ultra-modern event Photobooth is the perfect complement to any event. Firstly, these are great for a wedding, birthday, corporate event or any special occasion. Additionally, our digital booths turn up the fun. We can ensure this will make even your most reserved guests come out of their shells. Similarly, these photos are able to be shared amongst guests or kept for yourself as memories. Lastly, the event Photobooth is available in Charleston and the San Francisco Bay Area.

read more › Chrisman Studios has taught photography workshops and spoken at conferences around the world. If you're a photographer interested in working with us, whether in a private setting or a larger group, please feel free to contact us using the form here. Industry leader roundtable discussion featuring Erin Chrisman.

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