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Sand Box Love Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was their amazing family and friends, or maybe it was the joy of their love; but Jessica and Joe's wedding was definitely special. With the feel of an intimate Calistoga wedding, the day was a perfect reflection of the love they've found in each other. I'm so happy to finally show this! The first thing I always notices is that smile you see on Jessica's face in pretty much every moment of the video.

The excitement, love, and energy in her smile makes it one of the most contagious I've seen.

read more › OMG why so much? When we make a film, we don't just show up the day of the wedding and film what's going on. After getting to know you, our team sits down and figures out how we want to tell your story. We may shoot interviews with you, your fiance, and your family. We then film the wedding for the entire day, from makeup until the party is wrapping up. We then spend a lot of time in post production, editing and color grading each clip to give it that extra sparkle.

read more › Sandbox Love is growing! To handle the work load, we're looking for a part-time Studio Manager to join the team and help keep everything organized. The position allows for flexibility in your schedule, but does require that most work be done in the Oakland office (near Lake Merritt Bart). The compensation begins at $15 an hour with room for growth. You will be working out of a studio that also functions as a commercial production company. It's a pretty sweet spot with a gym, pool, and a bunch of fun creative people to hang out with.

read more › A relationship between two people with storied pasts. A bond between them so strong, that a wedding was an afterthought. Take some time to watch their wedding film so you can get a sense of who these two amazing people are. There's a history here that you don't get with many weddings. From the film, . Happy Valentines Day! Here's a fun wedding film for the holiday! Jordan contacted me ages ago when we were just starting to get known as a company. We quickly found that she and Jay were exactly the kind of couple we love working with; way fun, way chill, and really excited about our films.

read more › We've had some pretty exciting videos come out recently. Consider it the summer bunch. Now we're about to launch another streak of beautiful wedding films from the fall season. 1325 These weddings include Kristin and Zander's Signature Film in Lake Tahoe, Priya and Veeral's Signature Film in Rochester, and Jordan and. With Megan and Nathan, I felt like I knew them as soon as we said "Hi." What a perfect couple! Incredibly well spoken, great smiles, and that charming way they look at each other.

read more › I have been wanting to film a wedding like this since I started Sandbox Love, and I'm siked to now present this contemporary, San Francisco style wedding. Suzy and Reza's wedding has a wonderfully modern style mixed with the downtown feel. So cool, you're gonna love it. Suzy and Reza are the kind of people. For a lot of our fans, here is a throwback. The first wedding Sandbox Love shot was Neda and Sati's week long wedding down in Beverly Hills and San Diego.

read more › I've been dying to post this for everyone to see! When I first met with Kathryn and Ryan and saw how they communicated, I knew we were going to make an amazing wedding film. Maybe it's their abundant charisma. Maybe it's the way they looked at each other and could finish the other's sentences. And they're back! You'll probably remember this good looking couple from a few other videos we've made for them. Dan and Danielle wanted us to make every kind of film we knew how to, and so we have an Engagement Film, a Love Story, and a Wedding Highlights.

read more › This is it guys. These are the types of films that we want to define Sandbox Love. It's "more than the wedding." It's the relationship. The past and the what's to come. Please take a moment to enjoy the film that we put together for Lisa and Nigel, some of the sweetest people I have. One thing I love seeing in Danielle and Dan's relationship is the way they interact. They have these little moments where they'll be talking about the smallest of things, but the WAY they speak to each other shows how intimate they are.

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