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Sadhana Beauty Saloon Offers its clientele the very best in wide range of beauty services and hair color stylist jacksonville fl. It is a professional beauty treatment center run by cosmetologists with many years of experience. Its assures high quality work at resonable rates.

Eyebrow Threading an artistic technique with thread swirling around the eyebrows to give a majestic look that one imagine to have Waxing Give your hands and feet the pampering they deserve with our unique and indulging services advanced and professional services to transform your hair.

Go get a completely different you expertise weaves its magic on your skin with a bouquet of specialized services customized to your skip type Bridal Makeup salon near me specially designed bouquet of services to make you the beauty you've always wanted to, on your dream day.Beauty doesn't have to be complicated. At Sadhana Eyebrow Threading, we can take care of all your hair removal and beauty needs.

Whether you're looking for eyebrow threading or upper lip waxing, we have a range of services to help you put your best face forward.

read more › Threading may look like a simple or a kind of primitive hair removal method, but expert technicians at Sadhana Eyebrow Threading make it work beautifully. They start with a loop of cotton thread that is near about the thickness of dental floss. Then, they twist the loop to make a series of "knots" in the middle. Finally, practitioners rub the twisted area rapidly back & forth across rows of hairs, grasping them at the root & removing them quickly & completely. No chemicals or other tools are needed & it is ultra-hygienic.

read more › Tired of Shaving? Shaving is convenient as it gets rid of your unwanted body hair without consuming extra time. However, shaving comes with many disadvantages like increased hair growth, uneven breakage of hairs, cuts during the process, rashes on the skin & hard skin texture. These problems can be taken care off by Waxing Salon in Jacksonville fl one's skin. Body hair can seem like an endless annoyance, particularly if your current hair removal method is shaving every day. We understand your frustrations & would like to offer a solution.

read more › Although it's possible to manage healthy skin at home but believe us it's not easy, many people turn to Sadhana professionals when they need some extra help & one treatment, they often turn to is the facial. But what is a facial, anyway? Though the name itself is unassuming, the treatment can actually benefit the skin, especially because every facial is tailored to the individual's skin type. Read on for our in-depth look at this popular spa treatment at Sadhana Eyebrow Threading. A Best facial spa in Jacksonville fl is actually a multi-step skin treatment that is one of the best ways to enhance your skin.

read more › An eyelash commonly known as lash is one of the hairs that grow at the edge of your eyelid. An eyelash grows in three layers on the edge of the eyelids. Eyelashes shield the eye from debris, dust & small particles & perform some of the same functions as whiskers do on a cat or a mouse in the sense that they are very sensitive of being touched, thus providing a warning that an object (such as an insect) is near the eye (which then closes reflexively). We offer "Natural" & "Glamorous" looks with the different lash extension set application options trending in the market.

read more › Hair Highlights are simply pieces of hair that are lighter than your natural color. If your base color is brown, you can add highlights that are a lighter brown, or even have brown hair with blonde highlights. For blondes, blonde highlights incorporate lighter blonde shades. It's important to note that there are different types of highlighting techniques available with us at Sadhana Eyebrow Threading. Traditionally, foils are used to strategically isolate parts of the hair in various shapes & patterns & to create a contrast that's very bold, or very soft.

read more › At Sadhana Eyebrow Threading, we know that a haircut means more to you than just a trim. The right hairstyle will reflect who you truly are, how you feel & how you want to present yourself to the world. It can be the difference between a bad day & an incredible confidence one. We've seen it for ourselves with every customer - perfect & stylish haircuts can make you feel like a whole new woman. You owe it to yourself to find the hairstylists & healthy products to make you look & feel your best. From women's trendy haircuts in jacksonville fl & hair color services to conditioning treatments & special event looks, Sadhana Eyebrow Threading offers a full range of hair services at affordable prices.

read more › Professionals at Sadhana Eyebrow Threading understands your bridal henna needs! We've been providing henna to brides from a variety of cultural backgrounds for a decade. We can create custom designs for your special day, copy art you provide, or you can browse our huge catalog for inspiration. We can contract additional artists for your reception or other wedding events. We will take care of everything! Don't let the Henna be one more thing you have to worry about while planning your wedding. A consultation is highly recommended.

read more › Professional Makeup Artist in Jacksonville, FL is an indispensable part of the wedding planning process & achieving the perfect look for your wedding day is my number one priority. A two-hour glam session where we plan a bridal look that complements your vision for the whole day. Bridal previews for all your planned looks for the wedding day, from first look to the first dance (other artists call them trials - we like "bridal previews" instead because your wedding makeup plan shouldn't sound like a free trial to Amazon!).

read more › Are you looking for the best & safest ear wax removal method? You may be worried that your ears are getting dusty, or you've noticed a build-up of wax. If you're really concerned, you may be considering numerous ear-cleaning methods (cotton swabs, warm oil, & so on). Wait before considering anything else. We at Sadhana Eyebrow Threading furnish you with one of the best ear cleanings method - Ear Candling. Ear Candling practice has grown tremendously in popularity over the past 20 years. It is a practice you've no doubt heard of & one you've considered trying.

read more › It's pretty intuitive: Eyebrow Tinting is a process where semi-permanent dye is smoothed over your brows to shape & define your natural arches. Eyebrow tinting can give modest eyebrows a fresh, bold look that lasts for several weeks. Not only that, it's a relatively low-risk, low-cost salon procedure that cuts down on the need for daily makeup. If your true brows are a light color or are thinning, possibilities are you've wondered how to make them pop. Or possibly you have a lovely new hair color on top, but your brows are still showing telltale grays.

read more › We believe in very high quality service while trying our best to accomodate customers. Thus we have established walk-in hours typically on Weekday evenings and Weekends. If you are able to plan ahead and make an appointment, you are served on priority basis without unnecessary waiting time. With walk-in hours, you have flexibility to come without an appointment and enjoy our servcies in a first-come, first-serve manner though somtimes it may result in some wait time depending on specific circumstances at that moment.

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