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You thought your engagement season was going to be nothing but bachelor trips and bachelorette parties with a few wedding showers sprinkled along the way. You thought the most stressful thing would be writing thank you notes to all your extended relatives to say how grateful you were for the new crockpot. But uh. you were wrong. Because suddenly you realized that in a few short months, all your family and friends are supposed to be celebrating you and your fiance some massive event that is your wedding.

Oh, and newsflash: it's your job to plan it. Here's the deal - nobody tells you that planning a wedding is actually one of the most stressful times of your life. But I've got great news: it also doesn't have to be. I want to know YOU! During this free, 15-minute call, we'll get to know each other so I can customize a wedding around your personality as a couple.

Schedule a (no pressure) consultation with me to discuss your wedding plans & dreams and make a plan for your best next step. Alex is AMAZING!

All wedding planning packages include monthly check-ins, structured timeline, vendor confirmations, and wedding day coordination. Please contact for pricing information or customized event planning packages. Your wedding day is unique and one of a kind. You need a planning package tailored for you. After you schedule a call with me, I will create an

I really love hearing the toasts at a wedding. Nothing says celebration like the sound of popping champagne. And it's so fun to hear the personal and sentimental stories that are told by your family and friends. It's a window into who you are as a couple and all the events that got us to your wedding day! The list is endless. There are always odd things

For two hours, I will review your wedding plans, timeline, vendors and to-do lists. I will offer my professional expertise as a wedding consultant to help you wrap up the final details so you can enjoy your planning season, stress-free. You will leave with the Signature Westerhouse Weddings timeline and a list of recommendations. The Westerhouse Weddings

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