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Siva Dance We are the premier dance school in the D.C. and Northern Virginia area. We offer high-end dance instruction for pleasure and competition. We have been awarded "Best United States Ballroom Dance Studio" every year since our founding in 2012. In the 2016 United States Dance Championship, the founder of SIVA Dance, Sinisa Vasic, was awarded 1st Prize in the Top Teacher Category in American Rhythm Style, American Smooth Style, International Latin Style and International Ballroom Style, as well as the top overall teacher.

Additionally, SIVA Dance was honored as the Top Studio in its size class. You will have private lessons with one of our instructors. These are no ordinary dance teachers and coaches, but rather world-class dancers who will act as your dance partner to teach you. Our founder, Sinisa Vasic, is a well-known and decorated dance instructor. He has been awarded "Best Overall United States Ballroom Dance Teacher."

He founded SIVA Dance and is the artistic director, so you can be sure that all lessons are of the highest quality and true to each dance form.

read more › We specialize in high-end private ballroom dance instruction providing the best dance instruction in the Metro DC area. Since then SIVA Dance and its students have been awarded numerous awards throughout the U.S. and Europe including being awarded 'BEST United States Ballroom Dance Studio' at the prestigious United States Dance Championships EVERY year since the founding year 2012. Sinisa Vasic, the founder of SIVA Dance, himself has been awarded with several prizes throughout the years for his high-end ballroom dance instruction including 'BEST overall United States Ballroom Dance teacher' in ALL styles every year since 2012 and winning the grande prize of '2013 Top Rising Star teacher' of the World Dancesport series given to him at the televised Ohio Star Ball.

read more › At SivaDance we are a dance family who will help you attain your dance goals whether it's just to dance socially, competitively or simply prepare a dance for that very special occasion such as a wedding. We teach all levels of students from beginners to advanced students, any age level and you don't need a partner. Whether you are a social dancer or interested in competitions, we teach both International and American which includes the following dances Samba, Chacha, Paso Doble, Rumba, Jive, Swing, Bolero, Mambo, Salsa, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Tango and Foxtrot.

read more › SIVA dance is famous for creating PRO/AM dance competitors. NO prior dance experience and NO partner is needed. Your professional dance teacher becomes your dance partner in dance competitions. Your professional dancer will guide you through your dance competitions so you don't have to worry about anything. You will enjoy private dance lessons of the type of dance you choose. From Vienne Waltz to the Paso Doble, you can find the dance style that best expresses your inner passions. Come alive through dance.

read more › SIVA Dance can definitely help you with that. We will set you up with one of our dance professionals specializing in social dancing. You will learn the necessary steps and techniques to be able to get out on the dance floor and impress with your dance skills. Maybe you just want to learn different dances of your choice and enjoy the movement to music? We can help you with a personalized dance package. You will learn everything you need to feel comfortable on the dance floor.

read more › Whether you've dreamed about your wedding day your whole life or you consider yourself too practical for such things, you can still want your wedding dance to be a fairy tale moment that will be a happy memory to last you a lifetime. Performing a choreographed and practiced dance as your first dance will give your wedding an aspect that will make it shine in the moment and in your memory. We offer private dance lessons to give you the moves and the confidence to step out into the spotlight with the love of your life.

read more › Danced in the classical form to the beat of a drum, the Bolero was introduced in the mid-1930s. It has evolved over time to be danced to a faster and livelier tempo, and beautifully expresses an intimate feeling. It is often referred to the "dance of love", where dancers use their arms, legs, and feet to contribute to the beauty of this dance. Originating in Cuba, you will find the Cha Cha defined by its syncopation, or slightly off beat rhythm. The Cha Cha's rhythm comes from the Rumba, the Mambo, and the Lindy.

read more › Harry Fox was the first dancer/comedian to use the slow step as a free-style move. During the Ragtime period, this move became all the rage and marked a brand new phase of ballroom dancing, where people danced much more intimately. By 1915, another new era was coming into its own as pop songs took center stage. People loved the change of music as well as dance, enhancing their ability to show off their individual expression. Although more modern than it used to be, the Fox Trot still has a smooth and sophisticated feel in the ballroom.

read more › Originating in Cuba, you will find the Cha Cha defined by its syncopation. The Cha Cha's off-beat rhythm comes from the Rumba, the Mambo, and the Lindy. The Cha Cha can be danced slowly to a staccato rhythm, or fast, making it more lively and fun for people of all ages. The Jive took form during World War II when American G.I's brought the dance to Europe. Derived from other popular American dances, the Jive uses techniques that can be seen in the Jitterbug, Boogie-Woogie, Lindy Hop, Shag, and East Coast Swing.

read more › Dancing isn't just about perfecting steps to the beat of music; it's about combining the physical activity, the social interaction, and the mental stimulation into a joyous, fun activity. Dancing is not only good for the soul, but it also has the ability enhance your life in a variety of ways. Did you know that Olympic athletes use dancing as a form of training to build their endurance and strength? Although it is a low-impact aerobic activity, when you dance, you are engaging your cardiovascular system, improving your muscle tone, and burning calories.

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