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Tropicbride Weddings, nestled in South West Florida, the heart of paradise, on the gulf of Mexico is the perfect wedding venue for your local or your desitination wedding. Simple to the sublime, Allow me to help as much or as little as you like. Looking for a place to stay? A venue for your event? Flowers? Photographers? Links are coming very soon.

read more › My goal for you is to produce the wedding of your dreams, in the location of your choice, delivered with enthusiasm, style and grace. From simple to the sublime. That's right! Barefoot on the beach or top of the Ritz, to formal on the beach to the gardens and beyond. It can be as simple as the three of us alone, to filling the Barbra B. Mann with your guestlist. Unlike your "We have it all" on-line wedding services Tropicbride is just you and me. Here is what can expect from me; at least one meeting, either in person or on skype or if you prefer another face to face program I will endeavor to acquire it.

read more › Make it as wacky or witty or white or wiccan as you want. I have scripts to suit rennessiance, celtic, handfastings and what I don't, have I can write. Handfastings were popular a few years ago. There several variations of these ceremonies. Some include one simple symbolic wrap (which is where the term tying the knot came from) while others use seven ribbons or scarves symbolizing the elements, emotions, seven Celtic nations, or seven elements of family and love determined by the bride and groom.

read more › Mike Deb, from this time forward you will look back on the happiness and joy that you are feeling and sharing today. You have honored each other with the highest honor a man and woman can share and that is title of husband and wife. Left no outsider guide your heart or hand or deed when it comes to your relationship as no one traveled the road you have traveled together that brought you to this day, and no one will share your married journey so closely from today. When the outside world proves overwhelming, when the seas become rough and cold, clasp hands, look into each others eyes and relight your unity.

read more › Welcome and greeting scripts can be generic or can depict the time, place, history, or focus on special members of the guest list that may or may not be present. For instance; any indoor wedding can include candle lighting ceremonies. These ceremonies can't be done well on the beach for obvious reasons, but they are often used to remember those who have gone before us. It typically includes representatives of each the bride and groom lighting alter candles prior to the processional, it is also done with roses and other items that are important to the couple, and these do work well on the beach.

read more › Lessons of love has always been my favorite part of a wedding ceremony. Some times serious, and often whimsical, lessons of love should express the devotion you have for each other and remind each other that the love is greater than the little things that get in the way of daily life, like bad days at work, and sometimes our own tendency to be selfish. The verse should be designed to bring you back around to the reasons you married to begin with. Some of the verses below were gifted to me by brides and grooms and others I created for my couples.

read more › I remember a children's story where a tree loved a little boy. Every day the boy would swing from the trees branches and sleep in it's shade. Nothing made the tree more happy than this. But soon the boy grew older and needed more from the tree. He asked the tree for money. So the tree gave him his apples to sell. Years later the boy came back to the tree in need of a house. So the tree gave the boy his branches to build a home. Eventually the boy thought his life to be sad and he wanted a happier place to spend his time, so the tree gave the boy his trunk with which to build a boat.

read more › Vows are the moment of devotion. Both like and unlike the lessons of love the vows are your personal vow, pledge of both love and allegiance. This is what marriage is about. You are about to give your partner the highest honor a man and woman can share, the toitle of husband and wife. If you are writing your own vows, you are pledging everything good, and you can also insert vows of things you won't do or in addition to. One such wedding I enjoyed years ago was his pledge to defend his bride againts all eight legged threats.

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