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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I will get to talking about more about me as you discover more of my site, but for now let me just tell you what I do. I am a freelance wedding, portrait and commercial photographer based in Sparks, Nevada. I love where I come from and will always call this amazing place home, but I became a photographer to travel.

I travel all over the world for photography and would love to see as much of this amazing world as I can. My goal with what I do is to inspire those dreamers to dream big. My photography is an outlet of what is possible, but with just a little hint of imagination. I am self taught and spent most of my education' learning from the best in the world.

I see images and light a little bit differently than most and luckily created a special style that many enjoy. I find the beauty in the everyone and know that everyone has beauty. My job as a photographer is the bring the best out of my subjects and to remind everyone that we are creating a still image for those to remember for years to come.

read more › Photographer, father, husband, creator, dreamer and educator. I feel everything happens for a reason and everything you do leads you to where you should be. This is what I do and this is my life. This is my love. This is my passion. Born and raised in Sparks, Nevada with only a dozen pictures from my childhood. Somewhere along the way from birth to having a family of my own, all of my childhood memories were just that. As my wife and I anticipated the arrival of our baby girl I was determined to capture every beautiful moment of her life for her to relive with her family one day.

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