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Bernadette and Rick created Narrative Images over 15 years ago after they met as photography students studying photojournalism and fine art photography. Based in San Diego, CA, Narrative Images has become the top documentary and photojournalistic style wedding photography studio. Let us tell your story. We are photojournalists and documentary photographers at heart.

At weddings we look for real, fun, unexpected, and heartfelt moments that make your wedding yours. Weddings are a way to not only celebrate couples, but also family and friends. It has been an honor to play a role in crafting the way in which our clients and their families relive their wedding day. As wedding photographers we have developed a sense for when and how moments that hold stories come together.

We understand that photography is not solely about technique, but also about waiting, observing, being present and grounded. These qualities are really the basis of photojournalism and documentary photography. As you see in these photos and our portfolio, sometimes the story reveals itself in the future and sometimes in a split second.

read more › Our story began in Ithaca, New York where we met as Photography and Sociology students. As freshmen, we worked for the college paper, which involved developing our own film under deadline. We shot our first wedding together 15 years ago as photography students. Originally from San Diego, Bernadette's interest in photography and culture led her to study, photograph and teach in different parts of the world. Along with running Narrative Images for more than ten years, she has also taught at local community arts organizations (The AjA Project and MOPA the Museum of Photographic Arts) that use photography as a tool for personal transformation and social change.

read more › Enlargements of your photos can be printed immediately and in your hands to share with your friends a few moments later. Guests take whatever photos they would like - with whoever they would like - as many times as they would like with our creative, classic, handmade as well as genuine vintage props. We would love to meet up for coffee or a drink sometime and learn some more about your wedding!

read more › We were already in love with your photography, and after 'meeting' you two via FaceTime, there was no question that we wanted to have you two join us on our big day. We say this from the bottom of our hearts: You two are genuinely amazing, professionally and personally. We feel so incredibly lucky to have found you two, and so honored that you two were willing to document all the shenanigans. We hope that you two continue to share your talents with the rest of the world. Hands down - asking you two to be our photographers was THE best decision we made for the wedding.

read more › To be successful at wedding photography, you have to be a portrait photographer, product photographer, photojournalist and documentarian. You have to know when to fade into the background and when to step up and make things happen. You need to be sensitive enough to know when to connect and when to detach. One of our beloved photography professors called this a dance. As photographers, we need to be flexible enough to oscillate between these different ways of working. Only then can we create a dynamic visual narrative that honors your most precious memories.

read more › Valerie and Stephanie are sisters and my closest cousins; I consider Valerie to be my best friend. This photo was taken as I was walking up to Troy for our first look. It captures a real, sweet, and tender moment of shared joy between between us girls. Troy and I strongly believe in having our individual and common social support, so I'm happy that Narrative Images caught a shot of one of my strongest rocks. After months of working together to make my wedding dress, my mom and I gained a lot of trust, understanding and love for each other (after navigating a few disagreements).

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