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We are Central Indiana's PREMIER Wedding Officiants. If you want to GET MARRIED TODAY, tomorrow, or even next year, we are here to provide you with the perfect wedding officiant for the ceremony that you deserve and have dreamed about. We provide wedding officiants for wedding ceremonies all over the state of Indiana. We frequently travel to the Chicago area as well!

We have performed OFFICIANT PACKAGES in Ohio, Tennessee, Colorado, Florida, California, and we have even performed vow renewals on cruise ships! Our wedding officiants have married couples at coffee shops, in their private homes, and at some of the largest and most spectacular venues in Indiana. Our amazing team of wedding officiants are here to provide you with a personalized wedding ceremony that is all about you!

read more › Most counties in Indiana do not solemnize marriages at the courthouses any longer. Marion, Hendricks, Morgan, Hancock, Montgomery and Johnson counties are counties that we visit the most. However, in lieu of marrying in the confines of a loud, rushed legal building, we offer a "courthouse alternative wedding" for just $95 at a location near the clerks office. This is similar to a "Justice of the Peace" style wedding, but its super private and personal. You will not be married quickly by a judge, but by a professional and caring officiant that will want to make your experience as special as you would like it.

read more › IWO offers several package options to accommodate any wedding or elopement officiant need. Don't see something that is the perfect fit? Let us know, and we are happy to tailor a package just right for you! This is our version of a Justice of the Peace type wedding. This is a wedding ceremony with an officiant at or near the County Clerks office (.25 mile radius) during Government office business hours. We offer a sweet ceremony, and we always offer to take a few pictures for you with your camera as well.

read more › We have elminated our online store and credit card booking at this time. We eliminated merchant services fees in order to not raise our pricing. We are offering all forms of E-Pay options. Should you not have an E-Pay option, we are happy to send you an invoice, including a small processing fee. After submitting your payment request, our team will reach out ASAP to exchange information for your payment, and send you a formal receipt via text or email. We have a full team of officiants, so most every date requested, we are able to accommodate.

read more › One of the easiest and most romantic places in the city of Indianapolis to meet one of our wedding officiants and get married! There are several beautiful spots on Indianapolis' charming canal area! The best part is, it is a public place, and its absolutely FREE! You obviously can't bring in decorations or chairs, but there are benches and you can invite as many people as you would like to join you! We provide an officiant, and a beautiful ceremony for you! The best part about getting married on the canal?

read more › You and your officiant made a choice after the ceremony on who would turn the paperwork back to your county clerk. If your officiant KEPT your paperwork, please give IWD ample time to mail the license (First class mail) to the corresponding clerks office, and the clerk approximately a week to receive and input your license to the state database. You can check the status of your license on the State Database.

read more › We know that you don't get married everyday. Fortunately, our team of wedding officiants DO perform wedding ceremonies everyday, and it's our job to think of these things FOR you! We have compiled a list of the most FAQ's we receive. And there are NO BAD questions! We want you to be prepared, and well informed! You must obtain your marriage license in the county in which you reside, at the clerks office. Then we can solemize, or officiate the marriage in any county of your choice within Indiana!

read more › This is one of our best loved, most widely used packages. Turn any simple elopement into a fabulous event! Feel like a blushing bride or gushing groom with a larger wedding feel by adding a photography session to your ceremony! When you book your Circle City 360 package, you will receive a qualified, professional, and registered wedding officiant from our team to consult with you and personalize your ceremony to tailor it to your love, and the essence of you as a couple! We perform your ceremony, and always offer to return the license back to your originating county as a courtesy!

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