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My confession is this - As a guy, one of the most entertaining parts about a wedding is the location and the honeymoon. And who would say no to a Big Sur destination wedding? I am a big fan of the destination weddings and a romantic honeymoon. It's like a free week or so of. We've had a lot of people ask us about our name and logo, so here is a little bit on the history of the Satin Train Branding.

We had our logo put together by Marke over at The Made Shop. He is one of my favorite designers and someone who has a great mind. Satin Train is a photography studio based in Denver, Colorado. We shoot editorially creative weddings and while we are based in Denver, we travel anywhere. We have been shooting weddings for over 8 years and are passionate about crafting creative stories.

We considers ourselves more like photojournalists than anything else. We are visual storytellers and we love telling the story of love. I have been married over a year and every week I find myself looking at my wedding pictures.

read more › He has been shooting photography for over a decade. He started out doing fashion and music photography (worked with Rolling Stone Magazine, Nikon, Levi's & Stranahan's Whiskey to name a few), but always with a huge emphasis on portrait photography. He started shooting weddings 7 years ago and fell in love (no pun intended) with telling peoples stories and seeing how much impact and joy it had on his clients lives. It was drastically different then other forms of photography and the impact was much more significant and meaningful for him.

read more › There is not much I can say to express how breathtaking these wedding photos I discovered by Christopher Kuehl are. All that really can be said is that this man is talented with a capital T and if I ever do anything as important as getting married again, I am going to make sure him and his lens are in attendance! Chris is some sort of visual magician. Our experience working with Satin Train was simply phenomenal. From the pre-wedding photo shoot to the hustle and bustle of the big day, Chris was there to capture each moment - often without us even being aware of it.

read more › This is a FAQ that has come out of the many questions we have gotten over the years, it is certainly not exhaustive and if you have a question that is not listed here, please contact us here. Is the price we see on the price list the bottom line price? In a way, tax will apply to all physical products that are purchased, but other than that there are no hidden fees or unexpected expenses. What happens if I sign a contract with you and the date of my wedding changes? If I have the new date available, then we can transfer the contract to the new date.

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