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Convey Studios We understand that you are different than every other bride and groom, and that you have a unique story about how you met and fell in love. We hope to have the honor of documenting that romance through photos, and we know that you'll cherish them for years and years to come. We accommodate every style imaginable. With a world of possibilities, it can be hard to know which style is perfectly suited to you.

This quiz will help you determine the photography style that is the best fit for what YOU are looking for. Your wedding pictures are the best way to capture the lasting memories of your special day, and we'll work with you to capture the magic as you remember it. Our diverse team of wedding photographers wants to use their incredible talent so you can always remember the best day of your life.

Finding a wedding photographer in Dallas-Fort Worth that you connect with can be difficult; call us to see if we'd make a good fit! Picking the perfect venue for your wedding is like choosing a canvas for your wedding photographs.

read more › Hello from Sesha & Nick (Convey Studios' owners)! We're so glad you're here! Your being here probably means you're engaged - and how exciting is that?!? The proposal, a new shiny ring, friends, family. Our own wedding was such a roller coaster of happy tears, laughter, and fun! We created Convey Studios so we could help you have those happy tears, laughter, and fun for your own wedding. If you're ready for that level of awesomeness, call, text, Email or contact us to get started. Your amazing wedding photos will be ready three weeks after the wedding.

read more › We understand that every bride and groom is different, and they all have a unique story about how they met and fell in love. We have the honor of documenting that romance through photos, and we know that you'll cherish them for years and years to come. Wedding photojournalism is like a media assignment. A newspaper photographer is hired by a newspaper to document an event. They don't interfere with the event in any way; they simply document what is happening as it happens. This style tends to produce shots that allow the personality of the subjects and the emotion of the day to shine through.

read more › Think of wedding photojournalism as a media assignment, in a way; much the way a photographer is hired to cover a football game or festival, the wedding photojournalist has the same mission: to capture what is happening while remaining as unobtrusive as possible. This is obviously a departure from traditional wedding photography, which requires lots of posing and special lighting at times. When you hire a wedding photojournalist, he or she will instead be there to capture the events of the day as they unfold.

read more › This style will capture real-life milestones or moments in an artistic way. Of course, all wedding photos are designed to do that, but in this case, everyday details are highlighted. A glass of champagne, the bride putting on her heels - those are the moments that would be captured in lifestyle photography. Although they may resemble snapshots because they have more of a candid nature, a lot of time and care goes into these images! But they're not overly posed, because that takes away from the authenticity of lifestyle photography.

read more › Have you ever had dreams of being on the cover of Vogue or some other high-fashion magazine? If so, you might be a great candidate for contemporary wedding photography. If you choose this style, expect the end result to be sophisticated and stylish. These shoots will require lots of posing - and the photographer needs to be comfortable with a magazine-style project. At Convey Studios, we realize that choosing just the right photographer and style for your wedding can be stressful. But we want you to feel confident that you're getting the rock-star images you deserve and will cherish for a lifetime!

read more › How things have changed since the early days of wedding photography! Back in the 1840s, cameras had been invented but they were still very cumbersome. Couples who wanted to have their union documented on film (rather than on canvas) would go to the studio for traditional wedding photography, rather than having the photographer go to them during the ceremony. But after World War II, everything was reversed in a sense; with the advent of portable equipment and flashbulbs, photographers would often show up at the event, take pictures and then try to convince the couple to buy them "on spec."

read more › Our videographer will work with you to document your wedding in a video, which can be edited in a short version for family and friends online, and longer for you to keep forever. Document the engagement. If you're forward-thinking enough, the person proposing can arrange to have the down-on-one-knee moment preserved forever. Talk to us about taking care of it for you!. Send a creative Save-the-Date announcement. These days, the options for announcing your wedding date are as endless as your imagination.

read more › Convey Studios is proud to work with some of the best professional, lead photographers and videographers. Here are some fun details about them, and you can watch a minute-and-a-half video about each of them. If you'd like to find out which of our photographers is available for your date, call, text, Email or contact us today. Sesha has been photographing weddings since 1998. She has so many favorite things from photographing weddings that she can't pick just one: the bride's mom helping her daughter get her wedding dress on, the first time a groom sees the bride and he tries to hold back tears.

read more › You're unique; your photos should be too. That's our motto at Convey Studios. This quiz will help you determine the photography style that is the best fit for what YOU are looking for. It's time for some artistic flair. The photographer's goal with lifestyle photos is to capture a subject or a moment in a unique, artistic way. Just like any other art form, the methods used are as varied as the artists themselves. The photographer may use posing, lighting, architecture, layers, different angles, props, etc. to achieve her goal.

read more › Over the years, we have shot at numerous venues in the Dallas area. We pride ourselves in using the venue to capture your wedding theme perfectly in your wedding photos. Check out the photos we captured at these venues to find inspiration and get a sense of your big day, even before it happens! If you would like us to capture your beautiful moments at your hand-picked venue, call text Email or contact us now to know our availability.

read more › My groom and I LOVED working with Convey! They took care of our engagements, my bridals, and our wedding day and we were in love with all of our pictures. Not only are the photos fantastic quality, but they didn't miss a single thing on our big day! They shot everything from our reception table decorations to our first kiss as a married couple. I would absolutely 100% recommend Sesha and her team! You will not regret choosing this fantastic group! My wife and I hired Convey Studios for our wedding day photos.

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