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Jewell Entertainment Group You have to ask yourself, what will your guests remember most about your special occasion? If you truly want a custom tailored, flawless, powerful professional entertainment experience, Jewell Entertainment Group hands down is your choice! Masterful Music Mixologist, Don Jewell will work with you to set a theme for your event. Then carefully blend the music with his charismatic personality as Master of Ceremonies to tirelessly incite your guests to participate in the festivities like no other event.

Jewell Entertainment Group is truly a once in a lifetime experience company. Other special features like "Pass the Mic", photo booth, karaoke, trivia and specialized events for corporate entities. We've got you covered!. Serving over 600 clients, we bring decades of experience, top-of-the-line, latest generation, industry-standard professional equipment, a sophisticated presentation and bountiful energy.

Don Jewell has been featured as one of North Carolina's top DJ's and Entertainment Group voted BEST on Wedding Wire for years!

read more › While most DJ and event companies utilize third-party planning and playlist tools and forms, we do you one better. If you see a company that is constantly forwarding you forms and links to "event planning software platforms" on their website, chances are they aren't putting the work into planning your perfect event themselves, but instead relying heavily on these tools to plan your event. This usually indicates their lack of involvement with the process and your special day or event. While Jewell Entertainment Group utilizes planning, countdown and playlist tools and event planning software to keep their clients on track, the most important part of the planning process comes when Don and his client speak one-on-one to form a relationship that a planning form can't do.

read more › DJ is the most misunderstood and misused term in the entertainment industry. What does a college kid with a few hundred dollars worth of mediocre pawn shop equipment call himself? When you shop for your entertainment, you have to ask the right questions and more importantly, GET THE RIGHT ANSWERS! Remember the end result, success or failure, will be a reflection of your efforts to all who attend. Don has either DJ'd or been the Master of Ceremonies for over 600 events! From weddings to corporate events and other special social occasions, there are no venues that Don has not successfully mastered, and this is backed by impeccable references.

read more › When planning your special day, there is so much to think about. While music is at the center of your event, you also need to ensure a great Master of Ceremonies is at the helm; reading the room and adhering to the client's wishes while the event takes form. Clients often feel overwhelmed by the process of planning an event and don't know where to begin or end. Adding additional special effect lighting for any event is highly suggested. Lights and how they are utilized will enhance any event and bring it up a notch.

read more › Why hire a DJ versus a band? Bands are great but typically are geared to just a few genres where a DJ has access to all kinds of music. There isn't a limit to the music we play! More than anything else, the biggest reason for hiring a DJ is flexibility. You get exactly the music you want, by the artist your want it from, when you want it! The short answer is, "If you want us to be." Your event is about you and your guests. Which means you won't get a cheesy DJ that thinks the day is his! With that said, if you are looking to add entertaining, interactive elements to your event that are fun and tasteful, then we've got your back!

read more › A very special thank you to the photographers that shared their photos of me and my events. Interested in joining our team? If you have a love for all things music and entertainment, we would love to consider adding you to our family. Our team is made up of professionals serious about putting out the best entertainment experience ever! It can take years to learn all the nuances of the event and entertainment industry, but if you're interested, we would welcome hearing from you.

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