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Ablaze Photography I did some searching online and loved what I found. I actually reached out to another wedding photographer in Columbia and told her I was interested in photography, and she asked if I wanted to be an assistant photographer for her at weddings. I was hooked immediately, and after working at about 30 weddings as an assistant, I decided to become a full time wedding photographer in Columbia SC.

Soon after that, my wife and I both quit our part time jobs, and we've been Columbia wedding photographers ever since! As wedding photographers in Columbia, we absolutely love photographing engaged couples. Engagement sessions are one of our favorite parts of the wedding process, and we have a list of our favorite locations to do engagement photos in Columbia, SC.

We have photographed over 250 weddings since we became wedding photographers in Columbia SC. We know a thing or two about wedding venues, and we made a list of our top 7 favorite wedding venues in Columbia, SC. You probably don't love boring, stiff photos.

read more › I've had so many people ask me what venues are nice, because they just didn't know where to start looking! There are SO many great venues in Columbia, but today I'm going to share 7 of my favorites! I'll show one of my favorite photos from each venue, then link to the Website and Facebook page if possible! If you have questions about my experience at these venues, leave a comment at the bottom of the page and I'll get back to you (I'm sure some of the venue managers will visit the post as well).

read more › One of the questions I get asked most frequently is "Where should we take our engagement photos in Columbia?" Many of the sessions that I post are on family owned property, or the clients have special permission from a friend to use the location. I always recommend thinking about these options first. If the location is unique and has special meaning to you, it will always add value to the session. But what if you don't have any special places in mind, and you don't know anyone with beautiful property?

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