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Working in this industry is hard and refraining from nibbling every couple of minutes is even harder. Being born in 1960 meant that I experienced a multitude of weddings during the late 1970's to the mid 1980's. At that time wedding cakes had become an afterthought; something placed, not always so delicately, in a little bag for guests to take home.

When I got married, my cake was made by a wedding coordination company in the south suburbs of Chicago. Not only did they make our wedding cake, they designed our flowers, dyed the girls' shoes, and arranged for our limousine. They were truly polymathic (might have to look that one up - I know I did). They did a great job and the cake was delicious.

Unlike many of the weddings I had been to, I planned on serving our cake for dessert. In fact, the hotel charged me an extra cutting fee for bringing in my own baker. At the time I'd never considered baking as a profession, but I knew the importance of a delicious slice of cake at the end of a meal.

read more › How many servings should I order? One slice per guest is needed if serving the cake to the table as a plated dessert. If you are serving the cake at a station, we recommend servings equal to 80% of your guest count. If the cake is at a sweets table with an extensive selection, then you may only need servings for what equals 50% of your guest count. You might want to consult with your venue or caterer. The top tier is not calculated into the servings; that is for you to take home and save for your first anniversary.

read more › Flour Power sucks - especially if you're sensitive to gluten and/or bell bottoms. Don't just keep the peace, sweeten the deal with this collection to keep your tummy / figure / fashion sense out of trouble. We won't tell the po-po. Snuggle up to your favorite flavors. Designed especially for the palate that craves a ride on the wild side or a rock star's night out. Perfect if your taste buds are okay with not knowing where they've woken up the next morning. No "Walk of Shame" required.

read more › No matter where or who you're sending these to, this box of goodies won't go through the same "OMG (s)he's too cute" meltdown you had in 7th grade over your first crush. It's like instantly fast-forwarding to last week when you found a less-than-flattering Facebook pic of him/her after all these years. See? No sweat for you OR this collection of goodies!. Every purchase saves a helpless morsel of chocolate from someone who might otherwise neglect it. This is for the person who needs to send the maximum amount of adoration, wooing, or apology in a baked goods box without crossing the line into creepy stalker territory.

read more › We offer customization options to add your company's style to each gift. Call or email us to learn about custom ribbon colors, logo hangtags and personal gift cards for each gift. Call in your information or download our gift recipient spreadsheet, fill it out and email it to us, and we'll do the rest. Volume Discounts During the checkout process, if your order totals the amounts below, please use these codes to receive your volume discount. Please keep in mind only orders with the minimum purchase will have the discount applied.

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