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John Griffin Photography I love the camera. My desire to capture life's most important moments visually is all consuming, and has been a driving force for as long as I can remember. My philosophy is simple: The less my subject is aware of me, the better my pictures will be. At all times, I seek to become the proverbial "fly on the wall." When I am shooting landscapes or travel photography, I'm often gone for days at a time.

When I photograph a couple's wedding, I make every effort to ensure that my relationship with them is less photographer-client, and more "friend of the family." At times I have even been known to dance at the weddings I shoot, and mingle with the guests. I often tell my wedding clients that they need to "click" (pun intended) with their photographer.

Simply put, the photographer is the one person that couple will see and be with the most throughout the most important day of their lives. This is both a privilege and an enormous responsibility, and I take neither lightly. And this is precisely why I encourage a consultation - not only so the couple can view my work, but also to see if my personality is a good fit for them.
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