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Juliane & Alex Wedding Cinematography I am honored that you would consider Juliane & Alex to capture to memory of your wedding day, and I look forward to meeting you. The best way to see if Juliane & Alex is a good fit for you is by checking out my work. But it may also be helpful to explain a bit of the heart behind what I do when I am shooting and editing wedding films. Cinematic grace is valuing and emphasizing light, composition, and movement to tell the story of your wedding day.

I carefully consider lens options, lighting situations, and the timing of moments throughout your wedding day to beautifully share your story. I stick to classic filmmaking and editing styles that have already proven themselves, and stay away from fads that come and go with each wedding season. Journalistic truth is reflecting you, your love, your family, and your wedding day.

This means paying attention to all those special, un-choreographed and un-rehearsed moments that shine brightly throughout your day. I am not here to invent a story but capture your story truly and honestly.

read more › Feature Film: In this 16-20 minute film, visuals and audio from your day come together to tell the story of your wedding. What makes it unique is its length: long enough to maximize the amount of showcased moments, while still being a complete film that you can easily sit down and enjoy. See more examples here. Highlight Film: This 5-7 minute film visually communicates the essence of your wedding day in a succinct yet complete way. This film is anchored on the day's most important people, events, and moments.

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