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My name is Manolo Doreste and I am a Cinematic Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer. Based in Miami, Florida (home of the cafecito) and New York, with a passport in hand, I'm always up for traveling. Coming from such a vibrant city, my thirst for capturing life's greatest moments in the world's most beautiful places is my true passion. Choosing a photographer for my wedding was one of the most difficult decisions for me.

I'm a pretty decisive person, and I found it difficult to decide because there are a myriad of photography styles and countless photographers in Miami. I met with 9 photographers and when I met Manolo I was hooked. These details coupled with his his incredible eye, make him a true artist and businessman. I would certainly recommend Manolo Doreste to anyone that craves creative memories instead of just another posed photo.

Manolo of course is at the absolute top of his game in photography, his vision to find the shots is unbelievable at times, but for me the most important thing about choosing a wedding photographer and the reason for choosing Manolo was the complete client experience, the interaction with us from day one was great, he made us feel at ease in front the camera at all times and made the experience extremely enjoyable.

read more › From the moment we meet, I am on an exploration of discovery. Discovering what makes you distinctive, your style, what reflects who you are as a person, what makes you, you. Discovering the things we have in common, things you love that I've never heard of. All the while revealing a personal connection, ensuring that every step we take forward together is with you in mind. The simple truth is no two clients are the same. No portraits or wedding will ever unfold the same, which is why we have a fundamental belief in this process of discovery.

read more › Investing in a photographer is about more than a monetary value. It's about investing in a relationship, in a rapport. It's about investing in someone to be present in those small moments yet always anticipating the next move. It's not a task that I believe should be taken lightly, I believe that these personal connections are the foundation for great portraits. When it comes to wedding and event photography, my experience has shown me that no two events are ever the same. Therefore, additional details are necessary in order for me to provide accurate pricing information.

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