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We still have those hemp necklaces hidden away in a closet along with all of our festival wrist bands. Our years together have yielded amazing friends, kickass family, a heap of travel adventures, and unbelievable concerts. We pinch ourselves often and look forward to our futures. Reading is what captivates me most. It lets you step outside yourself and live in others shoes.

Our ongoing creative narrative of life is what I consider humanity's greatest accomplishment. Taylor and Madye are Pacific Northwest wedding and elopement photographers based in Portland, Oregon. Specializing in unique storytelling and real moments, they approach wedding photography a little differently and try not to take themselves too seriously.

In their pursuit to soak up as much of this earth as they can, they are available for travel across the US and worldwide.

How do you explain it? That feeling of never wanting to lose the thing you can't physically hold. It's what makes the last of the negative nuanced parts of life finally fall away and reveal the warmth. To me, it's that cheesy first kiss we shared on a staircase, Madye two steps up so she could match my height. When I remember it I still imagine her

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