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Jonathan Scott Studios Jonathan Scott Studio captures the intimate personality of your wedding day, no matter the location, time of day, tone, scale, or season. The ability of our small team to capture the soul of your wedding is why we remain one of the more trusted, and sought after, studios in wedding photography today. The trifecta for our success? We have mastered technique, accrued years of hands-on experience, and have a creative intuition, and originality, that is unparalleled.

Our knowledge of equipment, light, and composition allow our team to manipulate our skill-sets to cater to, and capture, your aesthetic. Our many years working in the disciplines of photojournalism, portraiture and fashion, give us an edge; our shots capture your wedding moments unfurling and candid, yet have the integrity of an editorial shot. Second, we've been on the ground, all across the country, in rain or shine, eagerly delivering wedding day photographic memories.

Lastly, its our intuition (what makes the bride and groom tick, the family dialogues and small moments) that offer you an intimate insight into the wedding day.

read more › Jonathan and his team were incredible - they kept everything light and fun and were not afraid to go the extra mile to get a great shot. Every time Keith and I looked around, we would spot another photographer far off in the bushes or hiding above us getting that extra photo. He also makes an effort to get to know his clients to make the experience even more individualized and personal. His photographs are artful and stunning, not at all cheesy or formulaic (as many wedding photos can be). Jonathan is amazingly talented and really has an eye for those "magic moments" - whether romantic, moving, or simply hilarious.

read more › Only fifteen-years-old, my father handed me a Konica 35mm camera and built a darkroom in our basement. I spent hours exploring my newfound passion. I fell in love. To this day, I still possess that camera and my dedication to photography. My passion stems from the sheer joy experienced when I capture a moment in time, especially when that moment resonates with the subject I capture, or allows them to see themselves in a new light. The gratitude I have when others can share that same emotion from my images is immeasurable.

read more › With 15 years in the wedding industry, and over 750 weddings documented, I and my team bring a broad range of experience and skill to your wedding day. Our talent is being able to navigate the live action setting of your wedding while keeping our interactions with you and your guests fun and non-intrusive, so to artfully capture the action as it naturally occurs. Custom packages are created based on your specific wedding needs. I welcome the opportunity to discuss these with you further at your convenience.

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