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A native of Phoenix, Arizona, I have have officiated many formal gatherings throughout my lifetime. Having studied Sociology at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ (B.S. 2000, Graduate Studies: 2000-2002), I fully understand the importance of our social rituals and the meaning they provide to our lives, our families and the people that are important to us.

Which is the reason I offer my services as an Ordained Minister and Wedding Officiant to couples in need of such service. Whether it is an event that brings people together in wedlock, or an event that allows us to say goodbye, it is these rituals and traditions that help mark the milestones of our journeys on this earth. Traditions that bind us and bring us closer together in our hearts.

You need someone that understands how to make your ceremony heartfelt and purposeful. I take that responsibility quite seriously. I am deeply introspective, artistic and lyrical, and I will work with you to create a memorable and emotional experience.

read more › All wedding ceremonies begin with some sort of consultation. Whether we meet for coffee or tea somewhere, chat on the phone, or cam via Skype or FaceTime, this is where we get to know one another. Here, as you describe your ideas and thoughts on your ceremony, I begin to form the basic ceremony framework as well as the general style, substance, and feel. Because this is such an important part of planning a wedding, consultations are ALWAYS free. After we have had our initial consultation and you have decided to fully engage my services - and providing there is enough time allowed to fully customize a ceremony - I then take some time to ruminate upon the details that you outlined.

read more › There are many different wedding ceremony options available to couples which help to create a ceremony that is truly unique. From options that include children saying vows in addition to the couple, to recognition of very special people, there is no limit to the creativity one can use. This list is provided as a resource for you to explore in considering what you would like included in your ceremony.

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