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The most recommended name in the South Asian Wedding & Event Entertainment Market, Hyper Productions DJ'S and DJ Isaac brings to you the best audio, entertainment and event sound there is. Set the tone of your event with the mix master DJ Isaac himself, with 10+ years of experience in the entertainment and wedding industry backed by his professional crew and audio experts.

Cutting edge technology paired with professional experience and energy intuition, Hyper Productions DJ's will keep the party pumping, set the mood and keep your audience alive. Despite being away from home, Indian brides and grooms celebrate their Shaadi all over America. Notably, the wedding planning process culminates on the dance floor because music defines how guests remember wedding celebrations.

As such, it is important that your Indian wedding DJ plays the best Punjabi or Hindi dance songs that motivate guests to pack the dance floor and make your day memorable. Most songs played at weddings aim at spurring romance, lifting the mood among guests, and a few aim getting your parents, close relatives and friends to shed those tears of joy as they witness the best of your life.

read more › We do what we do because we love it. Music is our passion and what better way to share that passion than to share it during a celebration. Hyper Production DJ's & DJ Isaac, our founder and featured disc jockey, was created with the intention of bringing a better quality of event entertainment to the industry and setting the standard. Whether it's a local party, corporate event, Indian wedding, or a cultural event, Hyper Production DJ's | DJ Isaac will be sure to bring the best of what we have to offer every time.

read more › Hyper Productions DJ's and DJ Isaac is known to bring the energy to your festivities. We are a crew of professional entertainers dedicated to making your function one to remember. Passion is the key to any music scene and a smooth transition between your tracks is what keeps the energy alive. Dictate the pace of your next party with Hyper Productions DJ's standing by with our fingers on the trigger. Located near the entrance of the venue, a powerful sound system will project sound towards the Baraat and surrounding areas.

read more › A successful and memorable wedding in California, Dallas, or Phoenix, Arizona, calls for the presence of unprecedented, uninterrupted and a powerful sound system that plays amazing and foot tapping music for the pleasure of the audience. Whether it is to put in life and vigor at the venue or keep the baarat and its surrounding areas energetic and entertained, there is nothing like having music that mirrors the fervor and festivity of the eagerness and excitement you feel on your special day. We at Hyper Productions DJs and DJ Isaac understand this element all too well and so strive to bring impeccable stationary sound and quality stationary sound systems that blend in the background of your stunning and mesmerizing ceremony in a pleasing way.

read more › Amidst the stresses that come with wedding planning, one can easily turn a blind eye towards the quality and authenticity of music, especially the kind that plays as the baraat comes dancing along. With Hyper Productions DJs and DJ Isaac by your side however, you can effortlessly put these worries to rest with mobile sound systems. The baraat mobile DJ and baraat mobile sound services offered are sure to come with a level of excitement and professionalism every single time, offering you and your guests a world renowned and one-of-a-kind experience.

read more › When the mood of a special occasion is combined with the exciting and powerful beats of a drum playing in the background, the overall ambience, mood and appearance of that occasion looks even more stirring and magnificent. If this is the effect you want to evoke on your wedding day too, Hyper Productions DJs and DJ Isaac are right by your side to offer you experienced and skilled dhol players as well as dancers who together make your big day even more memorable and a sight to behold. All of our entertainers in our team are hardworking and dedicated in the services they offer.

read more › A cocktail party can be many things but if it is boring, you don't need a genius to tell you that you surely have a problem. In order to host social events that guests enjoy, you need to keep a track of the ambience, food and drinks served and of course music. Without high quality and well selected music that blends in with the background of any cocktail party and social gathering, you can bid adieu to a good time with those you hold dear. With Hyper Productions DJs and DJ Isaac with you however, you don't have to worry about your cocktail sound system not being happening enough.

read more › Your wedding is undoubtedly one of the major milestones in your life. Naturally, you want to make sure every aspect, right down to its final element, comes together seamlessly to leave you with memories for life. While dreaming about the perfect wedding ceremony is easy, putting together all of the details particularly the musical requirements for your big day so you end up with a successful wedding reception is not really a seamless affair. With Hyper Productions DJs and DJ Isaac to the rescue however, you are sure to know what trusting an experienced, qualified and skilled wedding reception organizer feels like.

read more › Light is the cousin of music when it comes to creating magic in any event. Lighting is not a mere styling element, but it is a force that controls the energy of the crowd. Lighting governs the aura of the entire affair and investing in a good lighting rental works wonders in recreating the ambience. Hyper Productions DJ & DJ Isaac Entertainment will take care of the lighting while you and your guest have a picturesque event. We at Hyper Productions DJ & DJ Isaac entertainment go beyond the regular lighting rental norms as we understand the importance of the event.

read more › Wouldn't it be nice to have your very own custom monogram hovering or lingering over certain places of your wedding venue? It just adds that certain level of flair, customization and a unique touch to your party ambience which helps to make your day even more special. However, making sure you hire the right kind of professionals who are well-versed in customizing these monograms to blend in with your ideas and preferences is a prerequisite. With the help and prompt guidance of Hyper Productions DJs and DJ Isaac, you are sure to make this dream a reality.

read more › Marriage is the beginning of a new life and is definitely worth celebrating. There's nothing more joyful than two people uniting to proclaim their love for each other, and to stay together for the rest of their lives in good and bad. It is not an ordinary event, and therefore it needs to be handled by people who know how to turn it into an extraordinary celebration. We at Hyper Productions DJ & DJ Isaac Entertainment understand the importance of this event and promise to make it the most memorable day of all the memorable days to follow!

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