Nate Meeds
Thanks so much for taking the time to see if I might be a good fit to photograph your wedding! I've found that one of the most important factors in a great wedding is enjoying the people you surround yourself with. Since I will basically be your third wheel on one of the best days of your life it's important that we click well!

That said, some things I'm passionate about include photography(obviously), the beach, traveling, the NBA, beer, good lighting, iced coffee, vinyl records, basketball memorabilia, guitars, pretty movies and tv shows with no story, podcasts about any of the above, and a ton of other stuff.I tend to be easily excited so if you think "I wonder if Nate is into."

I likely am. I went to school for a long time and studied Music(BS) and Counseling(MS). I even had my own counseling private practice for years until I realized that Photography was really what I loved. Some of those counseling skills do end up carrying over into helping manage a wedding day. It's my aim to help you navigate one the best days of your life with joy and excitement.

read more › I live in Portland, Oregon with my awesome wife Sarah and son Miles. We have lived here for about 10 years after spending time in Canada, California, and Arizona. Traveling is one of my favorite things about photography, and I'm available to shoot most places. Travel fees to consider include airfare and lodging. NO! Believe it or not most people feel like you. Convinced that they don't take good pictures, when the truth is that they've never felt comfortable when taking pictures. This is why the relationship between you and me really matters.

read more › How much is this magic going to cost? Great question. Photography is one of the largest investments you make on your wedding day so choosing a wedding photographer is a really big deal. In the years after your wedding it's photography that continues to solidify your memories of that day. That's why I want to make sure that you find the photographer that is the best fit for you as a couple, even if that isn't me! So do lots of research, look at a ton of photographers, ask lots of questions. Your photographer is your third wheel on your wedding day, make sure you find one you want to hang out with(and also takes pretty pictures obviously)!

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