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DBK Photography I'm an Albuquerque wedding photographer and I love documenting weddings and elopements all throughout New Mexico and Colorado. I am here to tell authentic love stories for the adventurous and romantic at heart, and maybe get lost in the beautiful outdoors while we're at it. Take me somewhere that makes your heart sing, and I'll be sure to capture you as the people you really are.

Say goodbye to taking things too seriously with stiff, awkward posing, and hello to laughing at yourself like the beautiful goof you are. I'm all about having fun and finding the beauty of the in-between. I'm a New Mexico & Colorado wedding photographer who loves adventure just as much as she loves to snuggle on the couch with her 50-pound lap dog.

I'm a certified bookworm, snob of both coffee and chocolate, and I am totally that girl who will audibly scream over a gorgeous sunset. Delia is absolutely amazing and everything we could have ever wanted in a photographer! Not only was she quick to answer any questions and concerns that we had, but she was also extremely friendly, open, and up front with everything.

read more › When we get together, I'll be treating you like a close friend. I'll crack jokes that probably aren't that funny, but you'll laugh anyway because I am not afraid to make a fool of myself. We'll explore someplace beautiful, get a little dirt on our clothes, and create an authentic and unforgettable experience. Before I was a New Mexico wedding photographer, I worked in the publishing world and spent most of my time reading and helping to write good stories. Now, I tell stories through photographs.

read more › So you love the outdoors almost as much as you love each other. I can relate. Planning an outdoor wedding means you can worry less about the extravagant decorations and let the beauty of mother nature speak for itself. You don't need to worry about looking a little windblown or getting the bottom of your dress dirty, because you'd rather be real and candid and have a blast celebrating than worry about "picture perfect." Your joy on your wedding day is what makes for the perfect photos. But an epic backdrop certainly helps.;

read more › Before you even get in front of the camera, I'll send you a whole slew of tips to help you prepare for a successful photo shoot. But even more importantly, with me, you don't have to worry about standing around looking awkward. Because really, your photos are not about the perfect poses. They are about an experience. They are about memories. They are about the joy you feel when he picks you up and swings you in a circle. They are about the laughter you share when she whispers a dirty joke in your ear.

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