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Prudence Photography I also work with trusted and established Videographers! Save on Videography when you book with Prudence Photography!. Let's talk about Editing! While I often use an editing style that I see fit for a particular event, I'm also versatile and can conform to a certain style that the couple desire. Below are just some of the modern trends of photo-editing that are popular within the wedding photography circles; The Light and Airy, The Nostalgic Film-Look (Dark and Moody) and the Color-Faithful.

LIGHT AND AIRY: A modern favorite and a winning trend! This style reminds me of Claude Monet's paintings; his use of the ocean green and pale color palette. You've probably seen this type of editing in countless wedding magazines and in many of the higher-end Professional Photographer's Portfolio. This type of editing gives the illusion of brightness and clean look because it favors the negative space (the air) within the composition and almost seemingly rejecting the darker values altogether.

As a result, the photographs look "Dreamy" and surreal.

read more › Prudence Photography is a licensed photography service based in Chicago, Illinois. We support small businesses by outsourcing our print and deliverables through locally owned businesses. We are a minority-owned Asian Photography Studio. We do not discriminate based on gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, or political beliefs. We are Artists and art is what we do!

read more › Chicago Wedding Photographer Ty Acierto is the owner and Lead Photographer of Prudence Photography. He's a member of Professional Photographers of America and a Columbia College of Chicago Alumni. He feels weird talking in the third person so he's switching now. Phew! much better! Let's restart, I'm Ty Acierto, I'm a Professional Photographer based in Chicago and I also travel in all States. Some of the weddings I have covered over the years include Indian Weddings, South East Asian Weddings, Traditional American Weddings, Polish, Asian, Muslim Weddings, Jewish and Latin-American Weddings.

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