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Weddings By Rev Bill Your wedding is one of the peak experiences of your life. That's why you want an experienced professional to create and lead your wedding ceremony. When you choose Chicago's top wedding officiant, I will take the worry and anxiety out of the process, bringing a lifetime of experience to my weddings. I will work with you to create a beautiful service that reflects you, your values, and your relationship.

I create the finest wedding experiences: weddings that are beautiful, celebratory, and unique! I enjoy working with people of different spiritual orientations to create the perfect wedding for each. I perform all types of weddings, from traditional Christian, to spiritual but not religious, to Buddhist-inspired services. All my couples receive extensive resources, including a 25 page collection of readings and help in writing vows and choosing the perfect special elements for you.

If you are interested in meeting me to talk about your wedding, I offer no-obligation first meetings, in person or via phone or Skype.

read more › It was absolutely the greatest day of my life. We were on top of the world! So thrilled to be married at last, with so much love in our hearts, so much excitement for the years to come! Surely, love would conquer all! Summer is here and I am busy officiating weddings, happy to be doing work that I truly love. I remember feeling, at my wedding in 2001, as if I dropped into an expanded, buoyant state of grace. It lasted for about six months after the wedding. There had been an overwhelming outpouring of love and support for us at the wedding and it really did help us launch into our married life.

read more › Please contact me today to schedule a no-obligations conversation about your wedding! These consultations give us a chance to meet and for me to learn about you, your relationship, and what you've looking for in your wedding. I will outline how I will approach to your wedding, my fee structure, and next steps for the process. I meet with couples by Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and phone. If you live in Chicago we can meet at a local coffee shop or at my Chicago office at 25 E. Washington.

read more › The centerpiece of the "Heart Story" Wedding is my telling of the beautiful, unfolding story of your love relationship, your Heart Story. This 5-7 minute sharing creates an unforgettable high point in the middle of your wedding ceremony. Your Heart Story includes input from your best man and maid or matron of honor, personal anecdotes that highlight your Heart Story from other perspectives. Your spiritual/religious language preferences (traditional religious, spiritual but not religious, or secular/humanist) are reflected in every element of the ceremony.

read more › In an Unforgettable You wedding, every element is crafted with the Bride and Groom's preferences in mind. Nick and Emily had special requests and some great ideas. So we incorporated them into the ceremony. When I learned that they had an interest in fine whiskeys, I suggested adding a Whiskey Toast. This replaced the usual Unity Candle or Sacred Stone Ceremony. They loved the idea, so I wrote up the beautiful language for this new element that we came up with during our conversations together.

read more › Most of us enter married life without the skills we need to navigate the challenges of working and living with another person. We know that a spouse isn't exactly a roommate, but we don't know how to negotiate daily life. We often fall back on the example our parents gave us. And so we recreate an old pattern that may not be right for us. That's why I am excited to offer couple counseling for couples before and after marriage. If you're finding some rougher areas in your relationship, that doesn't mean you have picked the wrong mate - it just means you're both human!

read more › I create beautiful, unique weddings to celebrate the great moments of your life. To learn more about my couples, I schedule planning meetings so that we can talk and get to know each other. In these meetings, we discuss your religious and spiritual beliefs, your preferences for your ceremony, and the many options you have for creating a beautiful wedding. Here are my answers to some of the most common questions. If your question is not answered here, please visit my "contact" page to submit your question.

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