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Alis Fashion Design Lana Gerimovich is a bespoke dress designer and master seamstress of couture bridal alterations. She is founder of Alis Fashion Design in beautiful Old Town Scottsdale Arizona. In 2012, Lana expanded Alis Fashion Design and opened a second location in Old Town Scottsdale. Her new boutique features one of a kind collections from bridal gowns to evening dress and casual wear that she designs and crafts.

Her one of a kind outfits are featured in a handful international/domestic fashion and local lifestyle magazines. Having established a firm presence in the bridal fashion field, Alis Fashion Design also participates in the numerous fashion shows to represent sophistication, femininity, and elegance in her one of a kind couture designs. We specialize in many of your clothing needs from custom designed one of a kind wedding dresses/bridal gowns, modest/temple wedding dresses, evening gowns to costumes for performance.

We also provide high end bridal alteration, couture alterations for women and quality tailoring for man including restyling and resizing existing wardrobe.

read more › Lana Gerimovich is pleased and excited to offer individual and group sewing classes for all ages and all levels of experience. Each courses are programs customized to your level of experience and goals you want to achieve, and we offer a flexible schedule to make these classes available to you. Get to know the basics of sewing and garment construction with this introduction to sewing skills and theory! Over the course, students will become familiar with different machine stitches and their functions; how to follow basic patterns; the correct use of chalk, rulers, scissors, and pins; different hand seams and finishes; and attaching buttons, hook-and-eye closures, and elastic.

read more › Having a custom made dress created with couture techniques and highest quality fabrics, not to mention handmade finishing for your garments/outfits, make you look unique and create a one-of-a-kind expression of who you. Custom-made clothing is, as the name suggests, made according to your own unique measurements, so you can be assured that the finished product will fit you like a glove. All dresses are made to order - your dress will be the only one of its kind! Bespoke designer, Lana Gerimovich, will have a consultation with you before sketching the design to make your dreams come true.

read more › There are a lot of brides who appreciate family history and would like to marry with "something" old" along with "something blue" and "something new" as an Old English custom says. As you do, Alis Fashion Design also appreciate vintage wedding dresses from your family such as your mother or grandmother or vintage/consignment stores because each vintage dress has a story to tell, and needs to be passed down. Bespoke designer Lana Gerimovich specialize in redesigning and reconstructing your vintage bridal gowns.

read more › Your wedding day should be one of the most important and exciting days of your life. Whether you're choosing your dream gown, bridesmaids' dresses, invitations, or all three, having them custom made will make them unique according to your individual style, and help create the one of kind wedding you've always dreamed of! What is the difference between "made to measure"/"custom made" and our service "bespoke"? While made to measure or custom made begin from altering and modifying the specific standard patterns, bespoke starts from creating new patterns based on each individual's measurements.

read more › Naturally, you want it to be perfectly fitted. This is where expert alterations come in! Here is a brief summary of what to expect when it comes to couture bridal alterations on your existing off-the-rack wedding dress. The first thing to understand about wedding gowns off the rack is that almost all of them will require some alterations. At the bare minimum, you will need to have the gown hemmed for your shoe height and have the bustle put in place. Most brides will need quite a bit more than that, from having the bust adjusted to taking in or letting out the waist, to smoothing out all of the little bubbles and ripples that are a natural part of the way fabric lays on an individual body (as opposed to the mannequin's body).

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